Sunday, January 29, 2012

Student Teacher Welcome Gift

I am very happy to be welcoming a student teacher into my classroom tomorrow. The students have already gotten to know her with visit during the start of the year and I know this is going to be a great experience for her. I am nervous about being away and wonder, but very excited for her. I wanted to make her feel welcome tomorrow so I made this fun gift bucket to sit on her desk while she is with us.

I started with the idea and gathering all my supplies. I wasn't too sure how it would all come together so I put the Tootsie Pops in first to see how they fit (I used one of those green flower arrangement foams stuck to the bottom). Then I printed a red vinyl rectangle using my Imagine and Hopscotch Cartridge. I cut out her last name out in Cursive 101 after welding it together on my Gypsy. It went on so easy after a little adjustment to make it straight.
Next I planned out the different shapes I wanted for the decorations. I had planned on flowers only, but my daughter thought books would look cute and I went with that idea and added the other school item as well. I used several carts to get everything I wanted: Smiley Cards for the pencil, Doodletype for the paper shape, MS Seasonal Cakes for the A+, My Community for the open books, and Hello Kitty Greetings for the stack of books with the apple on top. (I added some Stickles to my A+ and some Glossy Accents to the apple!)
Finally I did add 3 flowers to the bunch as well.I cut the basic flower form Bloom in different sizes. I wanted them to stick out a little so I curled the edges on my marker and added a button center to each one.
When it was time to put the whole thing together I went with my glue gun and some large Zots. I wanted them to stick but not fall apart, plus look clean on the back. I cut black bases for the back of each and using the glue gun and Zots put them on the sticks.
After getting all the sticks right where I wanted them I stepped back and was thrilled with it, but still added the red vinyl flowers with pearl centers. Now I can not wait for her to see it and am ready to make more as gifts for others.


  1. What an AMAZING gift!You did a GREAT job!My favorite is the Pencil and stack of the books.

  2. Oh wow...what a lucky student teacher she is! How nice of you to welcome her into your classroom in such a fabulous way. This turned out so, so cute, not to mention...yummy! I love it and I know she will also!

  3. Great job on the projects. She is definitely going to feel welcome

  4. Wow! you did a great job! she will love it and feel very welcome!

  5. This is amazing!!! She will love it!


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