Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After Valentine's Treat Share

So I started sharing my Valentine Treat bags with you over the weekend and realized I never finished showing them off. I used the You Are stamp set from Pink By Design (store)for all my Valentine's this year. This set is just super fun and all my co-workers thought they were cute. I made 88 treat bags in all ( for my hubby).
I used Sentimentals to make this set:
For the "you are the icing on my cupcake" treat bags I used the cupcake off From My Kitchen and the heart from Sweet Treats. I also added Stickles to the embossed frosting and hearts.
Finally for the adorable you are the bacon to my eggs treat bags I pulled out my Kate's Kitchen Imagine Cartridge. I printed a whole sheet of the salt and pepper paper and a bunch of the wonderful breakfast plates (with bacon and eggs of course!)
What fun it was to get these all finished and handed out yesterday.  I did not put my name on them and one of the new teachers in the building,not knowing it was me who had made them was showing it off to me. "Check out how cool this is. I wonder how they made this! Did we all get these? Who made them?" I gave a huge laugh and he figured out it was me, but it totally made my day!

On a side note: Over at Pink Cricut (Sarah Hamer Designs) blog, Sarah selected the flowers I made for my friend with breast cancer as one of the featured projects from her Link-Up Party last week (she has one every week...totally check it out!) I felt so great.


  1. WOW! 89 Treat Bags! That's Alot. Love the (Your the Bacon to my Eggs). To Cute! :0)

  2. Holly molly 89 treat bags... You go girl!!! They are all cute. The Bacon one is my favorite:-)

  3. Wow!! You really did a hugely great job on these!!


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