Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Disneyland Treats

You may not know this (if your read my blog often you probably do) I am a Disney Nut! I have always loved Disney and now that I have a daughter, well it is even more fun. Even my husband has become a nut for it all. We are planning our next trip to Disney World and wish it could be sooner, but for now we get to live vicariously through my sister and her family. My niece is getting to go to Disneyland for the first time this week! I am so excited for her and had to make some little treats to send along.
I bought this little water bottle at Hobby Lobby for about a dollar and using Mickey Font added "Disney 2012" and some Mickey heads to it. I told my sister no worries about keeping it forever I just wanted a little something for my niece.
I was also allowed to make her an autograph book. Again, Mickey font heads, but with the added Glossy Accents. I also put some stickers on the inside to show where the Princesses should sign. This photo was taken last minute (before being packed in my Mom's suitcase) so it isn't the best. I cannot wait to see their photos and hear the stories!!
Happy Disney Dreams!


  1. such great ideas:) I'm so bummed that we aren't going this year like planned, but instead, delayed it a year...I guess now it just gives me all the more time to try make these fun things:)

  2. I love that pink water bottle. Hope your niece has fun. Our weather won't be so great but I have been there in the rain and still had a great time. If your niece gets ears and has her name embroidered on it, likely my niece will be the one who did it. She is a "Lifer", worked at Dland 27 years and embroiders the hats! She used to do it by hand but now everythign is computerized.

  3. Awesome idea!! I hope to take the kids to Disney for the firs time this year or next. I think they are at just the right age-- no more strollers-- and I think they'll remember it!! I will for sure have to remember to make cute water bottles and autograph books for them, like you did!!

  4. These are so awesome!! What a great gift set for your niece!! She will love them :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. What a great idea!

  6. Hi LB,
    Going to attempt vinyl for the first time this weekend. I love these. They turned out really well! But then you always make great projects using vinyl.

  7. Awesome bottle and autograph book. AND I adore your movie party shower (previous post!). You are fabulous!!

  8. We are big Disney nuts also, we are planning our next trip for December so we can see the Magic Kingdom during christmas! When I made both my girls their autograph books, I started out putting images and stickers of the princesses, as well as Mickey, Minnie, etc. But I read online that you are not likely to always see all of the characters, or even the same ones everyday, so inside I only filled it with the patterned paper, and after we got all the autographs, I went back and filled in the images and stickers of the autographs we got, just in case we didn't see a character that I had made a page for. I hope you visit again soon!

  9. Hi LB!

    I am also a huge DISNEY NUT! Luckily I also transformed my husband to come to "our" side! LOL I have never been to disney world, But last year I practically lived at Disneyland here in CA. I had the pass and loved every minute of it!

    Can't wait to share some disney projects with you! Take care



  10. What cute ideas, they're going to love having these!!


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