Friday, May 4, 2012

Disney Countdown

I may not be getting to go to Disney this summer, but I have several people in my life who are getting to  make the trip to the Magic Kingdom, all for the first time! I wanted to do something special for them to help build the excitement and help pass the time while waiting.

I know how much my daughter enjoyed our countdown before our first trip & thought it would be fun for these families as well. I started by finding the colors I wanted to use.

Next, I used George and Basic Shapes and Mickey Font to cut out these 10 x 1 inch Mickey strips to make my chain with. Due to the Mickey heads I cut into the strips, my chain links were not as round as I would have liked, but they still look so cute so no worries. I decided that each countdown would be for 30 days and I divided my chains in half because I am not sure what kind of space these will be hanging in.
Once my chains were done and sitting on the side, I finished up the signs with Mickey Font words and more Mickey Heads - the leftover pieces from when I cut my chains. I was not satisfied with the plain old paper so I got out my Stickles and made them pop (I had all 4 colors to match my papers).
Once everything was dry I selected some ribbon from my stash and put it all together. I even added a fun tag using my Walt Disney Font that I was able to download for free HERE.
It was so fun handing these over to the parents and I have already been told how excited the whole house was just to hang it up and get ready to use!  My daughter has also requested this type of countdown for our next trip so I guess I have a winner. Hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to a wonderful weekend.


  1. We LOVE Disney World. My daughter is 19 and my son is 17...almost 18...We have gone 10 times...our last trip was last summer. It is a wonderful place for a family trip. When they were little...the countdown was the best. This is a great will really get the kids amped up for their trip. Lee-Ann :)

  2. What a great idea!! I loveeeeeeee this!!

  3. Such a cool idea. This should have been the christmas that we go, (we go every 2 years at that time) but have put it off a year so they can finish the consruction. We're kinda bummed to not be planning our trip this year!! Hope your friends have a magical time:)

  4. Very cool! I like these a lot!!!! So pretty and great colors of course.

  5. So cute with the punched chains! I added it to my roundup--thanks for sharing :)


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