Saturday, May 5, 2012

National Scrapbook Day!!!

OH what a day for those of us who love love love to create with paper (layouts cards, whatever really!) I am so hoping to get some time in my space this afternoon, but first I am going to pamper myself at the hair salon and relax after this hectic week. I have some projects I know I need to get done...actually I have a large list to really focus on:
1. My daughter's birthday is next Friday!
2. Mother's Day projects for a Mom and Mother-in-law
3. Some parting gifts for my student teacher who leaves me on Friday!
4. A welcome banner (thanks for this fantastic idea With Glittering Eyes) for the new American Girl Doll we will bring home next Saturday.

Hopefully by the end of the day I will be able to share something with you, but for now here are some of my favorite layouts.

Home Sweet Home HERE
More Here
Queen Sophie Here


  1. These are all fab!! I loveeeeeeeeee the one with the frames!!

  2. Love your "best of" LOs! The concept and application for the middle one is just something I am totally scraplifting! Love that you framed the kids holding their art-- so clever!!


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