Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Signature Pages

This week I am getting ready for my student-teacher's last day. I have been taking lots of pictures and am working hard to put a simple album together. I wanted to have a space for my students to write her some notes so each pages is having little boxes worked in, but for the overflow I created these signature pages (one for each of our classes) to let the kids sign on.

I cut the little tags in the corner using a letter tag off Dinosaur Tracks and removing the letter with the hide/contour button. I added the letters off Opposites Attract and was very pleased with the results. I put the pages all together and added a little bling to each mini tag.

Now tomorrow, while I send my student-teacher off to work with some other teachers, we can get these little notes in action. I plan on putting the photo pages together tomorrow or Thursday evening!


  1. How sweet!! I am sure she will treasure all those sweet little notes!!:)

  2. Great idea. It will be a treasure and the kiddos will love signing it.

  3. What an awesome idea for your student teacher- she will LOVE it!! :)


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