Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crafting in My Kitchen #1

How many of you love Pinterest?  I know I do!
Now, how many of you have made a recipe you  found on Pinterest? Oh not as many hands up I see!
I have been having so much fun pinning ideas,but not trying them and yesterday I decided that I need to stop looking at wonderful ideas and go forth and make some so I did.
***These photos are of what I made following the recipes. The links to the recipes and more photos are included rather than copying them here as I wanted to give credit to the right places.

DINNER: Braided Spaghetti Bread
Recipe can be found here at the original posting from:
Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Blog
This was something I had wanted to try right away but today it was cool enough to have the oven really going so I did. Here is what I have to say after making this...

1. YUMMY: (I would add more garlic and seasoning but that is just me)
2. EASY: You make spaghetti, wrap it in bread.
3. KID TESTED: My 6-year-old who I consider pretty picky ate it all gone.

COOKIE TIME: Jell-O Cookies
Recipe can be found at the original posting from:
Just Helen
These bright colored cookies were my daughter's selection for treat making time yesterday. I am so glad we tried them.
See that little hand trying to snatch another one
1. EASY: so simple to make, pick your favorite flavors of Jell-O and get to work.
2. BRIGHT: The colors, while not as bright as the original photos I saw were so so fun.
3. MY TWIST: Try mixing the flavors.  I had left over dough from each of 4 flavors we made and I mixed them in the end for great swirls you could see and a fruit punch flavor.  My hubby also wants to try a lemon icing on the Lemon cookie.
Deemed the Sully cookie after the character in Monsters Inc.
That is all for my first addition of Crating in My Kitchen.  Let me know what you think.This is not going to be an every week thing, but I see myself trying it out more often as I make new things. Tomorrow I hope to have my 3rd layout of the week and Saturday I will have my Cricut Magazine Challenge completed to share (down to the wire on it!)


Inspiration & Smiles from you are so welcomed.