Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Know What We're going to do Today!

Let Summer Begin...
At 4PM when my daughter gets off the bus it will officially be summer time for us. Done with Kindergarten and onto first grade in the fall. Hard to believe. Now what are we going to do all summer?
In the words of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb, "I Know What We're Going to do Today!" I made a jar full of ideas for both indoor and outdoor summer fun. It is the first summer my daughter will not be at her daycare 3 days a week so I wanted to have activities planned in my head to pull out when needed. I saw the idea for a "Mom, I'm Bored" jar on Pinterest and decided we needed one of these, but with my own spin.

I printed out the ideas on my computer; using blue and green paper for outside activities and the other colors for inside fun.
Cut, Fold and put them in this really large jar with some fun vinyl words cut out using Mickey Font. We love the show Phineas and Ferb and often say this to each other when trying to pick an activity so  it was perfect.
I am going to present this jar to my daughter this evening as an end of the year gift. We are having a mini-party with her grandparents to celebrate a year well done. Hope all of you are getting your summer going in the right way and have lots of fun things planned!


  1. I love that show and love love love love that jar!! What a great idea!!!

  2. I just found you and I think that you are great. I love everything that I have saw

  3. What a wonderful idea! Love your creative jar!

  4. What a fabulous idea. I'm going to have to spend the DAY looking through you blog you have so many wonderful ideas on here. TFS

  5. What a GREAT idea. I love it and might need to lift it.

  6. oh what a good idea! you are so crafty :)


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