Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Craft Time With Noodle

Noodle is the nickname I most often call my daughter and she told me this summer she wants to "make things in  the craft room".  I have no problem with that as I love being with her and love crafting so it is a win win for me. Her first project was completed just this weekend.
We tend to save things around here that can be used in craft projects so when I received this adorable bouquet of cookies to celebrate 10 years at the school I teach in we kept the base and sticks for later use. My daughter saw it laying around and had an idea to turn it into a paper garden for her room.
She did most of the work herself from picking out paper - embossing designs on her butterfly wings and flower petals. I helped with the glue and operated the Gypsy to find the shapes she was looking for.
She knew right away she anted Hello Kitty flowers (Hello Kitty Greetings) and then after searching for butterfly she selected one off Everyday Paper dolls and one (side view) from Create-A-Critter.
She wanted to emboss the different layers so she selected folders and I let her get to work. When all was done we still needed a little flash so some stick on gems were added to the butterflies. Next, we stuck everything to the sticks and...TA DA her paper garden.
We had so much fun and with it being so hot outside were able to enjoy the cool of the craft room and create something just right. Hope you are enjoying craft time this summer. I never guessed when I got my first Cricut how much joy she would get in learning to craft as well...Super happy to have that. Have a great day!


  1. Your daughter's paper garden is so cute! You two are making special memories of crafting together.

  2. Your daughter did an AMAZING job!!!I might just have to borrow that idea for a 4th of july centerpiece..TFS


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