Thursday, August 16, 2012

Luggage Locker Tags

In first grade, locker tags are very important. Your name on your locker is a big deal. For my sister, locker tags have become the topic of discussion the last few years. Each year she creates a wonderful theme and make locker tags to go with. Other teachers and parents often ask her what the new theme will be.

In the past she has hand drawn and traced characters from books, but the last two years she has had me as her secret weapon. Last year I made large paper dolls that matched the school uniforms (she was very picky about the hair styles and colors..thanks to a yearbook). This year a travel theme.
We went back and forth on what to use and decided that suitcases for the lockers would be best. I found two we liked on Going Places and Summer Vacation. I cut out 20 and backed them with white.
Next, we selected a luggage tag from Fabulous Finds. I cut these in a variety of colors and then printed and attached each students (or teachers) name into a tag. She felt this was plain so I suggested adding a pennant and letter in the school colors. Cutting out all those small orange Varsity Letter E's was not fun, but we got them. They look great on top of the Locker Tag pennants.
I have heard from her that this year's locker tags were a great success and being the great sister she is, she gave me some credit for helping out. It is fun to get my elementary teacher on every now and than. Next week I go full time back to being a middle school teacher so it was a welcome break.


  1. How fun are locker tags??? Great job and love the theme. You did a fabulous job.
    Jessica S
    MCCR DT Sister

  2. How awesome to be able to help out! They are really cute!!
    My Mind's Dust Bunnies

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