Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Babies are as Sweet as Pie

Good morning everyone. Today I have a simple treat box to share with you. I have a coworker whose baby is dropped off at the end of the school day by her babysitter. She often stays a little longer to finish up some grading, and is always making sure to have snacks for the baby to tide him over.
I used 2 carts on my list of never used to make this. First the box and lid are from Tie the Knot. I really liked the fun pie shape of the box and thought it would work. I made it as large as I could fit on my mat.
On top I made a fun tag using the adorable baby on the Chore Chart cartridge. I love this little baby and have a feeling I will use him again and again now that I know he is around.
A fun bow to top it off and the box was all set for my coworker. I put it on her desk this morning. Hope she likes it and hope I get some baby cuddles after school today as a trade off. Have a wonderful day.

CARTS LEFT TO USE:(added 2 from Circle renewal and points)  50 States,All Wrapped Up (Imagine) Block Party, B is for Boy, Campin' Critters, Chore Chart, Christmas, Destinations, Father's Day, Greek Alphabet (CCR), Hoot 'n' Holler, Mr. Frosty (Imagine), Out of Character, Pack Your Bags,Pagoda, Paper Trimmings, Pooh & Friends, Preserves, Savory, Sesame Street Friends, Something to Remember, Sophisticated, Summer in ParisSuperman, Thanksgiving Table Decor (CCR), Tie the Knot, When It's Cold Outside 


  1. Very cute:) hope u got some cuddles!

  2. Adorable little box...I'll bet she'll love it! Lee-Ann :)

  3. So cute! I bet you will get some cuddles for this! Your coworker will love it:)

    My Mind's Dust Bunnies

  4. Super cute:) I love that little baby face too :)

  5. Such a sweet idea for a friend. The treat box turned out awesome and the baby is so cute! You deserve some baby cuddles after giving this sweet surprise. :)



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