Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lots of Laughs

Last week my daughter and her first grade class were part of the SILLY SONGS CONCERT! The show was just that silly and splendid! I helped organize the kids backstage and they all got to dress silly so it was a lot of fun seeing everyone.
I also made these simple word bubble signs to help decorate the stage area. They were placed on the risers where the kids stood...a little hard to see in this photo.
I cut the word bubbles using Create a Critter and each of the words was cut from a different cartridge (listed below).
What a fun show.  Here is the outfit my daughter selected for the show. She wanted to match, but be silly and fun. (a third ponytail is in back). Have a great Thursday!
Carts For Words: "Laugh" Wall Decor & More, "LOL" Smiley Cards, "Ha!" Mickey Font, "Hee, Hee" Makin the Grade, "Ha, Ha" Life's a Party, "Giggle" Boys Will Be Boys, "Tee, hee hee" Hello Kitty Font, "Smile" Locker Talk. 


  1. What a fun concert! Definitely not the norm. Love your daughter's choice of clothing and hair. And your decor perfect for the show.

    How is your show going?

  2. Your daughter is just too cute!! Great bubble signs!


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