Wednesday, March 6, 2013

State Testing Banner

If you are a teacher or student in Illinois that means one thing right now...ISATs. It is state testing time (they blew in with a snow storm) and it can be very stressful and tiring for all involved. At my school we have a pep assembly each year to kind of rev the kids up get them ready to do their best. This year I also made this banner for the front hallway to help encourage the students.

After deciding what to have each letter stand for I cut the letters using Plantin Schoolbook.  The red letters were cut using the Roly Poly feature.

Due to the extra long "Academically Responsible" I felt the banner looked a little empty, so I added some cute and large pencils to the space, using my Locker Talk cart. 
We are on Day 2 of 4 and so far the kids are feeling good about their performance so far. Wish us luck I know they are trying their best! 


  1. Great Job! and WOW! Testing already?????!!!!! We don't do it until May 1.


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