Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chef Party Aprons

Tailor Brand: Dark T-Shirt Iron on Transefers
Don't you love it when a plan comes together the way you hoped it would? For my daughter's upcoming Chef Party I wanted each new chef at Sophie's Kitchen to have a special apron. I was super excited when I was able to use the Print and Cut feature on my Cameo along with some great printable iron on material to make these.

The first step was all about the design. Together with the head chef herself, we picked the shape, background color and font (Cafe Rojo). I also found this great chef image at to  place on the design.
After we designed, I did some test cuts and figured out the settings for cutting the iron on material.  I found that setting the blade to 8 and doing a double cut worked best for me. I added the registration marks and started the process.
Once I had the image ready I got out the iron and followed the directions on the package and the final results Wowed one Top Chef for sure. I ordered these great hats to complete the outfit. We are so excited for the party next weekend. I will be sure to add ore photos of our good times.


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