Saturday, June 1, 2013

Basket Full of Puns: Teacher Gift - Part 1

The end of the school year is (finally) here. My daughter finishes up on Monday and summer break will be off and running for her. Before the year comes to a close we wanted to thank her amazing teacher for a wonderful year.
My daughter choose to give her a gift of pun-tastic gifts just like we did last year for her two Kindergarten teachers.  You can see those baskets HERE. The main idea behind these baskets is filling them with a bunch of school supplies, treats and other goodies that all attach to a fun pun. This year we used several of the fun puns from last year:
- Scissors "You're a cut above!"
- Pencil Sharpener "Thanks for making me so sharp"
- Highlighters "My future is BRIGHT because of you"
- Pencils "Thanks for putting me on the WRITE track"
- Swedish Fish "You are O 'Fish' ally the best"
- Extra Gum "To an Extra Special teacher"
- Reusable cup with juice mixes "Thanks for helping the Creative Juice flow" See last year's HERE.

We also selected a few new treats for the basket this year. When you are walking in the aisles at the store it is fun to think of the cute ways you could add a fun tag with a pun to different items.
- Cookies "Thanks for making me a smart cookie!"
- Wall hooks "Thanks for hooking me on learning."
- Measuring Spoons "You really measure up."
 - Hand Lotion or Sanitizer - "Thanks for always lending me a HAND!"
- Fan Bottle "I'm your biggest fan!"
- Ice Cream Scoop "Here's the scoop, you're fantatsic!"
- Timer "Had a great Time in class this year" 
-Ruler"You totally RULE!"
I had so much fun creating this basket once again and adding fun tags to go with the little gifts. When we presented the gift to the teacher yesterday after school, she wanted to look at the whole thing right away.  It is just a fun gift full of smiles.
 Thanks for visiting!Happy June 1st!

- Cartridges: Disney Happily Ever After (crown), Simply Charmed (ice cream cone), Formal Occassion (fan), Don Juan (hand), Paper Lace (label for scissors), Cricut Everyday (scissors)
- Silhouette:  Cookie by ppbN Designs, Lori Whitlock Labels
- Stickles on ice cream cone: Cinnamon, Yellow & Thistle. 


  1. How absolutely ingenious! Love everything! TFS! :-)

    p.s. Thanx for the sweet comment you left on my blog!! :-)

  2. What a FABULOUS gift basket. I wish one of my students would do that! This is the last week! Happy Summer Break!


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