Saturday, June 8, 2013

Date Night Cards: Wedding Gift

It is wedding season for many out there (And Happy 44th Anniversary to my amazing parents today!) and sometimes trying to get the right gift without going to the registry is hard. Here is my creative solution: DATE NIGHT! A collection of gift cards themed to different dates the couple can go on.
This idea started with my bother and sister-in-laws wedding basket and I recently got a chance to try it once again for my cousin and best friend, because I would be flying to the wedding I couldn't wrap a gift so I created little cards for three dates.
I cut the card bases and envelopes using the Creative Cards cartridge. Each one was cut at 3x3 inches. I cut a layering piece for each cover as well. For each "date" I created a custom cover relating to the theme:

Movie Night: Tickets cut with Movie Night CCR files, swiss dot embossing
Dinner Date: Couple at table from Sweethearts
Take Out: Chinese container from the Fast Food cartridge, embossing from Decorative Tiles set by Cuttlebug
On the inside of each card I created a little pocket for the money to go in.
I tied all three envelopes together in a stack and gave them to the couple like that. They were both excited about some set aside date night funds and even texted me the next week when they went to the movies with the date night card!

See my first Date Night Basket HERE!


  1. What great ideas for these card! Love each one! I am your newest follower and look forward to seeing more of your creative work. Thank you for coming by my blog too!

  2. First of all this is such s brilliant idea, I'm totally stealing it (with your permission of course :)) what a fabulous gift. We have a wedding in the summer and I'm so going to get started on this!!!
    Thank you and happy Saturday!

  3. What a terrific gift idea. Love it!

  4. These cards are such an awesome idea!! If you don't mind, I'd like to scrap lift this idea! You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing!!


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