Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Smiles

Every year we make a big deal about the end of the school year. We even buy our daughter some type of little gift to give her as a celebration of the hard work she has done all year. This year's gift was a small charm bracelet that she can add to over the years.  I made a fun summer themed gift bag to hold it.
I used a brown lunch bag as my base and punched the top edge using a fun eksuccess punch. Then I cut this great Summer Smiles file from Miss Kate Cuttables. It is in the summer section and was only $0.50. These files work great and print and cut files but I wanted to use my own color scheme.  I also elected to not use the bubbles on the cut.
She had a wonderful last day of school and is ready for a fun summer, starting with special trip to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and Delaware with her grandparents. I am linking this up to another Hiding in My Craft Room Challenge.
We take her picture on the last day with a photo of her from the first day!


  1. These little traditions are the things she will remember as a grown-up. I have always used any reason for a celebration. My kids are now 32 & 31 and both of their fiance's are amazed at all the parties and "get-togethers" we have. BUT when my future daughter-in-law received her Ph.D, she asked me to throw the party for her. Keep it up, it will keep your children close to you your whole life.


  2. Super cute!! We always did the same...we called them passing presents...although there was never any danger of them not passing. I think it's great to reward a kid for hard work.


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