Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vinyl Redo

This week is Vinyl University at Fantabulous Cricut. All week long you can find great tips and tricks and ideas for cutting and using vinyl on your projects and join in our vinyl challenge..
One of the things I love about vinyl is that while it sticks really good, you can also scrape it off and create something brand new. This is my daughter's school supply box from last year...
And this is what it looks like now...
First of all, only one part of the letter "S" came off the box from last year.  In a first graders desk the vinyl stayed on all year!!!! SERIOUSLY!! All I had to do was scrape it off and I was ready to start from scratch.
Using a kiss cut (for me I find that Blade depth 4, Pressure and Speed 3 works best, but do a test cut before cutting your full image) I was able to cut out some new shapes and letters to decorate her box with for this year. I love that with a kiss cut you are basically creating stickers.
Not much has changed about my daughter's likes and dislikes over the last year. She still wanted peace symbols and hearts on her box, but she also wanted to celebrate the school's mascot, a gator! Layering with vinyl is also very easy. If you do not get it stuck on right the first time, slowly peel it back and fix it.

We added her name to the top and the school initials on the sides to finish it off. She feels like it is brand new and I did not have to buy a new box.

Vinyl is a lot of fun to work with.  Remember if we get 100 people to take part in the challenge at Fantabulous Cricut our sponsor, Cricket Vinyl is going to giveaway a Cricut machine. What are you waiting for? Try creating with vinyl today! Challenge ends Sunday! Have you already created with Vinyl?  BACKLINKING FOR THIS CHALLENGE IS ALLOWED!

Thanks for visiting. Tomorrow I am going to share some of my favorite vinyl projects from the past.

- Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge - gator
- Charmed Cricut Cartridge - letters and peace symbols
- Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge - hearts
- Outdoor adhesive vinyl from Cricket Vinyl


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