Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crafting My Way to Disney - Holiday PJ's

When you want to have matching Pajamas for the holidays you have a few options...usually for me that means running all over looking for the right thing and making it all work out. It also means borrowing my mother's wonderful sewing skills to make pants for the young ones in the family (often out of larger ones the rest of us have bought).
This year I also used...The Cricut.  I cut out large Mickey heads and my Mom traced and cut them out and sewed them onto our shirts so we could once again be matching...Only this time we will be matching in the Magic Kingdom!  Only  few days until we leave!!

Happy Holidays all!


  1. Your pj's are toooo cute! What a great idea. Wow, going to Disney just after having your appendix removed, you're pretty amazing! Have a wonderful time. Christmas in Disney? How cool is that!?

  2. Oh how fun! We were at Disneyland last year for Christmas and again back in August. Definitely missing it right now, and can't wait to one day visit the Magic Kingdom in Florida! Have a safe trip!


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