Wednesday, July 2, 2014

50 States Album - Need to Finish

I gave my parents an album 2 years ago for Christmas. The album is to highlight photos from their travels to all 50 States.  When I gave them the book only 14 states were ready to go despite the fact that they only had 1 State left to travel to.  I think it is  time to get this book finished so this summer I plan on getting it done.
Yesterday I got 4 more pages for the album completed. Washington D.C. was added to make the book eve out the right way as some States get double pages because they have traveled to them many times.

Each State name will be cut using a different font. Here are close ups of the new page titles:
Font - Copperplate Gothic

Font - Eras Bold ITC
Font - Quixley LEC

Font - Gill Sans
I am back to work on this album today and hope to share more pages with you soon. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

If you want to see more of the 50 States Album you can link to posts below:
- Title Page- HERE
- First Set of Pages - HERE
- Second Set of Pages - HERE

- 50 States Cricut Cartridge- state outlines
- George and Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge - rounded ractangles
- Various Fonts - List above


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