Saturday, July 5, 2014

Graduation Gift Box

Good day to you. Graduation party season is official coming to an end. We had a few parties to attend this year but none more special than our next door neighbor who graduated form high school this year. Richie has special needs and you might think that would be a problem in a public high school...not in our town.
Not only did them put Richie on the Homecoming court, but at graduation they gave him a standing ovation. Can you say rock star? He is the friendly person I know and the best neighbor.
We got him a gift card so he could pick out what he wanted, but I made a special box just for him with a fun graduation owl on it.
I created the simple gift card box and added some embossing and washi tape to make it just a little more fun.
Of course what could make this box even more fun?  An Action Wobble of course!  Richie loved it and I got a full report on his shopping (love that). Congrats to all the graduates this year.

- Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons - Lil Hoot files
- Trendy Tape - red polka dot washi
- Cuttlebug polka dot embossing strip
- Happy Birthday Gift card box  from Silhouette Store 
   (Happy Birthday removed)


  1. Super cute graduation box. Congrats to Richie! It takes special people to help those with needs...I guess that is why we are in education, huh?

  2. How awesome for him!! CONGRATS on his graduation!! LOVING the box you made for the gift card .. .LOVING that owl!!!!

  3. Such a cute little Giftbox! I am sure he enjoyed the shopping Trip!


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