Friday, August 22, 2014

Field Trip

Happy Friday everyone. I am officially back to work and my students will arrive on Monday. Today we will be discussing some possible field trips for the year and it reminded me that I have not shared this Project Life spread yet.
Over Spring Break in April we went to the Science & Industry Museum for the day. We had a blast exploring space, watching the chick hatchery and making a toy while learning about industry and production.
I had some fun before printing out my photos and did a cute photo collage of us as Astronauts.
For these 2 pages I used the Project Life Aqua Edition cards -  some wonderful sentiment cards in this edition and added a simple touch to this one with a die cut.
For this title section I used 2 - 4x6 cards and a smaller 3x4 to make the longer title.

I am sure many of you are sending children back to school soon.  I hope you have a wonderful school year.

- Project Life Aqua Edition cards
- SNAP! Studios Pocket Page
- Cursive 101 Cricut Cartridge - Science cut


  1. Looks awesome! LOVING the photos!!!!!

  2. I LOVE this! The way you put the title on the side of the Science one is brilliant. :)


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