Saturday, February 14, 2015

You Make My Heart Glow Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you and your loved ones get to share a special moment together today. I wanted to share the simple and sweet Valentine's my daughter gave out to her class this year.
 She went on Pinterest with me and selected this cute saying from all the cute ideas we found. Once she had the idea she helped me select a simple heart shape and a font to print and cut onto the heart. I got off easy this year because she did not make me go through every font!!  
She selected the different shades of pink inks to use and make it look like it was fading and we printed it all out.  She asked for a backing layer so I cut those for her and the rest was all her.  She had such fun handing them out at school yesterday. 
Have a wonderful day.

- KG Love You Through It 2 Font
- Heart from Silhouette Studio Design ID #36934

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  1. I am sure all her classmates loved these treats. Happy Valentine's Day to you!


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