Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Magical Lamp of Aladdin

My daughter spent the last 2 weeks at a local theater camp.  In those 2 weeks, 18 kids (ages 9-11) put on a 2 act play.They rehearsed 3 hours a day, memorized all their lines and by the looks of it had a wonderful time. It was very impressive to watch to perform over the weekend. I wanted to do something special for each actor so I made this fun cards.
The lamp was easy thanks to the Disney Dreams Come True cartridge. Making sure I could fit them onto my leftover gold paper took a little maneuvering as you can see. I love that in Design Studio, before you cut you can move things on the mat where you want them.
Once I had the lamp I needed the smoke.  To make this I welded together a cloud cut and a speech bubble so the smoke would have a trailing tail I could attached to the lamps.Thanks to print and cut this was an easy task.
I cut 20 of these small cards - about 5 1/2 inches when open for each member of the class and the directors. I cut matching stickers out of some label paper and signed each one from my daughter. It was fun to hand them out and everyone was so sweet in their responses. A fun two weeks for sure.

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- April Showers Cricut Cartridge - genie smoke (cloud)
- Disney Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge - Aladdin's lamp
- Creative Bug Cricut Cut set - card and top sticker

- Smiley Cards Cricut Cartridge - speech bubble (welded with cloud)
- Aladdin font found on 


  1. Sooooooooo fun! LOVING these!!!!!!!

  2. What a thoughtful idea! I love how you used the foil paper for the lamp and all the cuts and colors are perfect! TFS!

    By the way, I live in Winfield (near Cantigny) so when I saw Steel Beam Theatre I did a double take! So fun to find crafty people who live nearby!


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