Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Towel Bunny

Have you ever need a quick Easter basket idea?  Maybe for friends joining you or new little ones in your family?  Well let's face it - head to Pinterest and you will find so many great ideas.  Last year,  I stumbled onto the bunny towel basket and tried it and again this year made one for my cousins son who will be at Easter with us this year!
I bought the towels and googles on sale (larger towels work best as you roll them up) and because this was the main gift only added la few Easter treats inside them..
Now the magic touch for me was finding these bunny tail pins at a 5 Below store. I was thinking about creating a tail somehow with paper, but while shopping I found these pins and they were perfect.  In the end they were a big hit and here's hoping that once again are this year.

Thanks for visiting! Have a Happy Easter tomorrow.

LINK to the tutorial I used - Little Bit  Funky: Beach Towel Easter Baskets

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  1. That is just CLEVER!!!! They are adorable! Wish I had little ones to make this for... One day for the grandkids I hope to have! :)

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