Friday, March 30, 2018

Escape Artist

Coming to the end of Spring Break makes me think about things we do to occupy our time during breaks from school or just for fun any day at all.

My daughter used to pretend she was an escape artist.  I would be working in my office and turn around and find her all wrapped up in these "chains' and just had to smile at her. Sometimes she would be on the ground trying to get out and we wold just giggle at each other when we caught each other's eyes.

I snapped these photos right after she stood up one day. She wasn't happy when I did, but yesterday when I was creating this little page she was happy to have the memory back.

I have gotten better at cutting my 4x6 photos and putting them into more than one pocket on my Project Life spreads. I have not gotten better and selecting the cards I want to use in the pockets on my pages, but that is because I have far too many(it is the paper hoarder in me).  I decided to go for the first  card I found and liked when I opened the box - That made it easier (this time).  This cards is from the Jade Collection.

When I searched for the word escape in my Cricut library, this one popped up form the Life is a Beach collection.  It had a large leaf attached to it, but I sliced it out and trimmed off the extra by the first "e'.
I am pleased with this little album insert to capture a moment I really love and a memory I know I will look back on fondly.  Thanks for stopping by my craft space today.  I made it through the whole week - a post a day and have many more projects ready to share moving forward!!  Have a wonderful weekend.

- Project Life - Jade Edition cards
- Life  is a Beach Cricut Collection - escape

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