Monday, April 9, 2018

Periwinkle Prep

I have been back in my craft space more and more. I was able to do a little crafting (so so much actually) during Spring Break and I took some time to work on my backlog of photo albums. I am super lucky that my mom has made so many of my daughter's Halloween costumes.  This one was especially great because she had no pattern.
My daughter was in love with Periwinkle from the Disney fairy movies (she is Tinkerbell's sister) and wanted to be her so badly.  My mom made magic happen. I was able to snap some photos during the process my Mom went though to create this cute costume.
I just put some cards together and cut  out a cute Periwinkle from the Cricut Collection for Tinkerbell (not the cartridge Tinkerbell and Friends - this was a separate collection they had).  I cut the title out of a favorite font and it was all set. Thanks for stopping by to check out my craft space today!

- Project Life - Blush Edition cards
- Tinkerbell Cricut Collection - periwinkle print and cut
- Lobsster Two font


  1. What a great page!!! How lucky to have a mom that can sew so well... Wish I was even a little good at it... but I'm not... Here costume looks great!!! :)



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