Thursday, April 12, 2018

Throwback Thursday - 80's Concert

This week for Throwback Thursday I wanted to share a project I made last spring for my daughter's choir concert and never shared with you. The theme of the concert of Totally 80's and was just about as much fun as you can imagine. I made these cards for her and her choir teacher.
Sophie and I were super excited about the theme because we had suggested it in the card the previous year so when it came out that that was the theme we were thrilled! The card was inspired by my daughter's costume.
This card came together pretty easy especially with the help of print and cut. The Paper Doll - Teen Scene collection is a blast to work with, but gluing all the small pieces is not my favorite so I was happy when, after I sliced and altered some of the cuts, I could flatten the image and print it out.
The cassette tape needed a fun stamp for that mix tape feel and I had a whole set of 80's stamps ready. The inside got the 80's treatment as well for the message.
What a fun concert - all the parents singing along was super cute and the story that went with the show was full of great references we all enjoyed.  Sophie even did a solo in this concert for "We Are the World". Thanks for stopping by for this fun project I forgot to share before.

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- Indie Art Cricut Collection - cassette Tape
- Paper Doll Teen Scene - 80's girl - a mix of several dolls
- Pink By Design 80's stamps
- Cassette Tape label - png image


  1. Super cute project!!! I loved the 80's!! Your daughter looks adorable in that picture!!!



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