Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Imagine Pattern & Color Tags

It has been a little while since I was able to create anything.  I have been working on some holiday cards when I get the chance, but time is very full right now.  I am happy that I get to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my family tomorrow and even more looking forward to setting up my home for the rest of the holiday season.

Now that I finally have received my replacement Imagine I am trying to get to know it better. I do not feel like I am comfortable with it at all, but I am trying to get a grip on the basic features.  I am not sure I have it calibrated the perfect way yet, but I have so much paper scrap that I do not mind doing that over and over again. (I am hoping it will be right when I really start to work on projects with the machine but I am still getting some small cutting errors on the edges of certain images so...)

What I have done is collected several cartridges for the machine.  I bought it on launch day on HSN so my machine came with Imagine More, Nursery Tails and Best Friends. I got lucky and also got Lori's Garden for free because of the deal the Cricut Circle deal (it finally arrived this week). I also purchased Imagine More Cards and Yummy during a great sale at Michael's and recently took advantage of the Cricut sale and bought 3 pattern carts: Elise, Hopscotch and Audrey. 

I am talking to much when I should be showing you what I am making for each cartridge I now own.  I saw this idea on the Circle I think???  Basically I am cutting out samples of each pattern and color that a cart comes with and storing them in the boxes with the cartridge.  I am finding that the color on the screen is not what prints so this will come in handy for picking patterns and colors in the future.    I am tying them togetehr with a little leftiver ribbon and well that is that.  Here is what I did with Hopscotch...