Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Bachelor Hot Scrap Assistant: The Women Tell All

What season of the bachelor would be complete without a special addition show..
The Women Tell All
We gathered up as many women as we could to dish the dirt on the season and make their predictions of who would get the final  rose. I hope you are ready for this...

First, our special guest host, Ken brought all the women. Snow actually got some boos from the audience, but she handled it well. They waved hello and Ken thanked them all for being there.
The first gal on the hot seat was Barbi D. Ken brought her down because he had heard about her audition tape and she shared how she had done a full on dance for it. They looked at clips from several auditions and everyone got a good laugh.
Next up was a fan favorite, Belle. Ken asked her about getting the first impression rose and when she knew it wasn't going to work. Belle explained that she was being too guarded during her time with Jacob and that she knows she blew it. She had very strong feelings, but could not get past jealousy over his relationship with Charlotte. Belle sad she was sure Charlotte would go home with the final rose.
Next up was Snow. Snow was easily the most disliked by the other girls this season. Many called her selfish and controlling. they tried to get Jacob to see it and he finally did. Snow explained that she likes having the attention on her and that isn't a bad thing, is it? She had to share the spotlight with 7 others once before and now was her time to have it all. She still thinks Jacob made a mistake.
Look at the chemistry on our first date!
Ken finally brought Jacob out to face the girls. Jacob explained why he left both  girls go on the 2 on 1 date and he told Belle he too wished she had opened up ore, but in the end he knew a early on they would not be together. Belle was happy to hear that and wished him well.
Ken asked each girl who they thought Jacob had selected to give the final rose to and they were split right down the middle...we will all find out Friday!

If you wish to enter to win your choice of Graphically Speaking or Opposites Attract leave a comment with who you think the winner is. Your comment will enter to to win. (Open to US & Aussie entries unless you are willing to pay the shipping.)

See you Friday for the Final Rose!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Room Makeover Part 1

I am getting a craft room makeover! 
I have been trying to decide how to reconfigure my space to make it work better for awhile now and with the holiday coming several people have been on me about my wish list. I thought I wanted storage space for my craft room, but my husband suggested a new work space in full. I was not sure we could afford to replace all the different desks and tables I had with one space but...
The full front of my craft room 12 feet. The new desk leaves about 2 feet left over  
We went to Ikea and picked out a wonderful desk/counter space to put into my craft room. This corner desk (3 separate pieces) cost us less than $200 and it is going to make my room flow so much nicer and allow me to have space underneath for storage that is neat and organized.  Now number 1 on my wish list one more 6-drawer paper storage bin to fit underneath with the others! I will share more photos when the space is all put together, but had to share my new desk right away.
The left side wall of my space is 7 1/2 feet.
The corner area will be my main work space.
Look at yesterdays post HERE to find out about Jacob's fantasy crafting dates and the final 2! Plus tomorrow night, the Women Tell All!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fantasy Crops & The Final 2

Jacob and I had a long talk after he selected his final 3. We were crafting with Clippy in my craft room and Jacob talked to me about how he was feeling towards each girl. I tried to get him to tell me What Barbi F. had shared with him, but he said it wasn't time yet..he still wasn't sure about it. We crafted and discussed his plans for the next 3 big dates.
Jacob said he wasn't so sure if he would offer fantasy suite cards to the ladies or not. What he really wanted to do was see if they really understood that he was a crafter. After much discussion he said he wanted to do an all night crop with each of them instead and that way they could have quiet time together alone without the cameras. He made all the arrangements and made sure these crops were stocked up with the best tools and treats (chocolate and caffeine were must haves). He decided these dates would be off limits to cameras if the girls agreed to take part in the over night fun. All 3 excepted the invite. Here is what I can share with you.
With Charlotte they created cards, cards and more cards:
Lunch box cards (both agreed to wanting children), cards for Operation Write Home
and just cards to share with friends and family. It was amazing.
There was even a small glitter fight. 
Barbi H. and Jacob spent much of the night exploring different tools in the craft world.
She is excited to learn and understand how she too can be a helpful scrap assistant.
They did not get many projects completed, but had a good time. 
Marie Elise was so overjoyed to be in a creative space with Jacob.
They created so much together and had so much fun.
They made gift bags, layouts, a mini-album of their dates
and entered a few crafty challenges.
Jacob, inked a heart stamp on her hand as well. 
After such wonderful time in the craft room, Jacob knew who he was selecting for the final 2 with no doubts at all. He almost told me what Barbi F. had shared, but decided to wait just a little longer. At the rose ceremony, Jacob gave roses to...
Marie Elise and Charlotte
Sending Barbi H. home was very difficult, but in his heart he knew she wasn't the right one for him. She had big dreams of conquering many career paths and he did not want to get in her way of reaching those dreams. he knew she could be anything!

Now it is down to the final 2! They will each share one more fun date with Jacob before he selects his final match. First we will hear from the women he left behind in a Girl's Tell All Special, Wednesday. Than join us Friday as Jacob gives out the final rose!
Want to win you pick of Opposites Attract or Graphically Speaking? Leave a comment below telling me your favorite flower cut using Cricut to be entered to win. If you are outside the US or Aussie land and willing to pay shipping I am happy to have you enter. Winner will announce Sunday evening, which will be Jacob's last night visiting my craft room.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hometown 4 & the Final 3

Jacob had to travel pretty far to meet up with Marie Elsie. She lives and works as a fashion designer in Paris, France. He couldn't help but wonder about being in the City of Love with this amazing girl. They met up in her studio, where she showed him a dress she was working on for a special occasion. She even hinted at it being a great dress for a rose ceremony.
They went out for an evening strolled under the amazing Paris lights before having a quiet dinner with her Mom. Jacob felt a special connection to Marie Elise's Mom after hearing a story about how she met Marie Elsie's father. She said they met when she was very young and he was much older than her. They both said they just felt connected to each other from the start and they stayed connected until they could marry. Sadly, he passed away when Marie Elise was little. Jacob totally understood.

Jacob left Paris knowing who his final 3 were and pretty sure who the final 2 would be. They all met up again and Jacob told Charlotte, Marie Elise and Barbi H. that he wanted them to continue in this journey with him. Barbi F. was sad, but understood she was never going to be the final one and she whispered some advice in his ear before leaving...maybe he'll tell us when this is all over.

Stay tuned for a recap of his 3 Special, Fantasy Sweet dates and than the selection of the final 2. In a little over a week, Jacob will hand out his final rose and one more Cartridge. This one will be winner's choice of either: Graphically Speaking or Opposites Attract. (Clippy thinks both fit the journey Jacob has been going on!). To be entered to win:

1. Post what you think Barbi F. whispered in Jacob's ear.
2. Post comments on my other Jacob post's this week answering the q's.

Each comment will be a chance to win. This is open to anyone, but if the winner is outside of the US they will need to pay shipping.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fact that it a holiday all about being thankful for the things in your life that you may take for granted on other days. I also love that it is a no gift holiday where you just are together with loved ones. I hope everyone is finding themselves surrounded by good food, good spirits and good company today. OH yeah I also love pumpkin pie!!
A few weeks ago during the live feed to introduce the new stamps over at Pink by Design, Pink Cricut made these fun turkeys that she put a little treat in. I decided to make some for our family table today. The link to Pink Cricut shows all the instructions, which I followed almost exact. I used the flower cut from Cricut Essentials on my E2 to make my scalloped circles. The only thing I did different from Pink Cricut was adding the flags on top using cooking skewers cut in half and flags from the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I will post of photo of the table another day...for now enjoy your day!  I am so  blessed to be spending it with my family in Nashville.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hometown 2&3: Jacob is warm in LA

Jacob just traveled to L.A. to visit with Barbi H. and Barbi F!

His first stop was meeting up with Barbi H. She looked super hot in her rollerskating outfit. Jacob never quite got the hang of the skates, but he had fun hanging out and meeting her little sisters (3 of them).
The next day he met up with Barbi F. outside her classroom. They played and talked in the playground and later Barbi F. taught him all about her family (also 3 little sisters) before bringing him over to meet them. He felt a little overwhelmed by all the questions one sister, Skipper, asked him.
He left L.A. (getting on a plane to Paris, France to meet up with Marie Elise) feeling a little odd. He felt at home with both ladies, but was puzzled at how similar their lives were, including both having pretty serious relationships in their past with a Ken. Check back Friday to see how his visit with Marie Elise went and who is in the final 3.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glitter Ornaments: Part 1

Over the weekend I was checking out the Cricut Circle message board and someone had posted something about glitter ornaments and a bunch of other Circle gals posted photos and links to video instructions and well...let's just say I had to try this out.
Basically you use a glass ornament and fill it with glitter. Than you decorate the outside for your own fun homemade ornaments.

This is going to be a 2 step process for me. First I dragged my hubby with me to Michael's to buy supplies. I bought 24 large glass ornaments, a 12 piece set of Recollections glitter, some Glitter-It by Beacon and a whole bunch of ribbon to use for decorating the tops. Everything was on sale...all the ribbon was $1 for 3 yards.
I followed the directions and rinsed out a few of the glass balls with a water/white vinegar mix, but I really didn't want to wait so I tried out the steps on the Glitter-It.  You coat the inside of the ornament and than drain it back into the Glitter-It. I let mine sit a few seconds to really drain.
Next, put the glitter in and coat it inside. I was able to do 3-4 ornaments with each vial of glitter. Now I am letting it dry. It says if the coating doesn't fully cover you can repeat the process, but hopefully I will not need to do that.
Now I need to plan out what I want to put on them and I will be cutting that out of vinyl on the Cricut. Hopefully I will have them all done soon. I also want to make some matching tags and boxes for them if possible. I will share more when they are completed.

Stay tuned for tomorrows addition of The Bachelor: Hot Scrap Assistant. Jacob is in the middle of his hometown visits and finds himself in LA tomorrow. Also, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday.

One more wonderful thing: Today is my 8th wedding anniversary! My hubby is one of my biggest crafting supporters (he shakes his head at what I buy, but marvels at what I create!!) I did not make him a card, but we will be eating this wonderful cake this evening from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Super fun!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hometown 1: Jacob & Charlotte New Orleans

For Jacob's first hometown visit he went to New Orleans to meet Big Daddy, Charlotte's wealthy Mardi Gras King father. They got along wonderfully and after the meeting Charlotte whisked Jacob away to a private tour of the city and a final stop at a camping spot.
She wanted to continue where they left off the other night. She never thought of herself as an outside gal, but maybe for Jacob she could fall in love with the great outdoors. She even wore the same cute poncho.

Tomorrow Jacob travels to LA and visits with both Barbi F. and Barbi H. He'll tell all on Wednesday. Than it is off to Paris, France and Marie Elise's fashion studio. On Friday after Thanksgiving he'll share those details and select his final 3.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jacob's Final 4 & A Winner Announced

It has been such a crazy ride for our Hot Scrap Assistant Jacob. He started with 25 and is now making his way to choosing the one who will get the final rose. Hopefully this will join him to his crafty partner for life.
This week Jacob had a fun camping trip with 3 of the girls and two 1-on-1 dates. He knew it was going to be hard  to take it down to the final 4. These 4 ladies will be taking Jacob home to meet the family and get to know them in their regular world.

Before he made his final 4 selection Jacob and Clippy talked it over and reviewed all the moments he had shared with the 5.
A carriage ride with Marie Elise
The 1st Impression Rose went to Belle
Making sure Barbi F. is safe.

Keeping Charlotte warm
Fun Car ride with Barbi H.
The memories have been wonderful, but who does he see himself with in the end? He still isn't sure, but he knows who it isn't. After such a wonderful start, Jacob just hasn't made the connection with Belle that he thought he would. She let her jealousy get in the way at the camping trip and that was what made Jacob know she wasn't the one (after all he is a Hot Scrap Assistant, girls are going to like him!) So he said good-bye to her. The final 4 are:
Charlotte, Barbi H. Barbi F. and Marie Elise
Jacob will be making trips this week to visit each of them on their home turf. Stay tuned the first hometown with Charlotte in New Orleans will be posted tomorrow evening.

NOW: Clippy has a winner of the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.
The winner is... AMY E.
She left me great comments this week, but this is the one I pulled out: 
"Beautiful card!! I LOVE the colors!!! How sweet that you keyed in on someone who really needed it!! 
So what's with Belle? I think she really needs to get over herself... If you're going to get jealous...don't compete with 24 other dolls!!!"

I put everyones' names on a slip in a hat for each entry they earned.  Amy left comments on all the posts so she had 4 slips of paper in the box, in this case the odds worked in her favor!  Amy could you send me a note via my contact form with an address so I can send you your Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Scrap it With a Song)

I have fallen in love with the challenges at Scrap It With A Song. I get to combine my love of scrapping with my love of music and the pages I am creating for these challenges are allowing me to be playful and creative with my tools and ideas. I highly encourage you to join in each week. At the end of the month they select a winner form all the entries.
This week the song is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.For the challenge you use the title or lyrics as inspiration for you projects. Believe it or not I actually had these cute pictures of my daughter from Crazy Hair Day in March. Could her outfit be any more perfect for this song?
I knew what I wanted the page to look like...just like her hair that day..BOWS everywhere. I went to my ribbon jar and pulled out all sorts of ribbon pieces and made little bows out of them. I cut out letters using my  All Mixed Up cartridge and played with placing them on the page until I got it just right. I like that I mixed the circle letter cuts with the plain letters as it made the page more fun to me.
Once I got everything put together I added a little bling here and there as final touches. I also labeled the page with a white pen...I have been playing with handwriting on my layouts and love the way this turned out. 
Here is the final layout which is going in the Just 4 Me Album I started in April!
Again I have to push you towards these fun challenges. You never know what you will come up with from the songs and ideas posted by the design team. You get all month to post! Tonight Jacob selects his final 4 and a winner of the Stretch You Imagination Cartridge.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jacob gets Cozy...(Final 4 announced tomorrow)

If your are looking for the Me and Mickey's Birthday Hop post click HERE!

Jacob is very close to selecting the girl he will give his final rose to. This week he had a fun camp out with some of the girls and took two lucky ladies on solo dates. Tomorrow evening he will select the 4 girls he will go on hometown visits with over the next week. (Gotta love that Chloe and her Clip on Koalas is letting me keep Jacob a little longer so Jacob can complete is adventure to find love).
As you can see Jacob is getting really close to the girls. On his date with Barbi H. she tripped on her heels while they were dancing under the stars. Jacob quickly scooped her up and carried her back to the limo..what went on there, well the cameras were broken mysteriously so???

On his date with Marie Elise they had a carpet picnic in front of the fire and than decided to hop in the hot tub for a little bit. here is a photo I feel comfortable sharing on my PG-13 blog. As you can see the chemistry between them is growing.
This is the last post that offers a chance to win the Stretch Your Imagination Clippy is giving away this week. Tomorrow evening Jacob will select his final 4 and announce the winner of the cart! Remember you ave to leave a comment on 2 posts about Jacob form the week to be entered to win. If you post on more you will be entered in extra times. The first post was on Sunday November 13 if you want to go back!

Me and Mickey's Birthday Hop!

Hello and welcome to 
Me and Mickey's Birthday Hop
You should be arriving from: 
If you are catching us in the middle or have gotten lost along the way please head back to 
Michele @

Today we are celebrating a fellow crafter's birthday, along with Mickey Mouse's birthday! Rexann's birthday is today, November 19! Mickey Mouse's birthday was yesterday, the 18th. I have seen some great work from the crafters on this hop, so enjoy & 
Happy Birthday Rexann!!
Love the swirls on the Tim Holtz embossing folder.
I just got the chance to go to Disney World for the Not So Scary Halloween Party and we had an amazing time. My daughter and I were joined by my cousin, Allison who also recently celebrated a birthday. I made her this fun album with memories from our day at Disney World! I started by picking the color set I wanted to use and cutting a bunch of Mickey heads from Mickey Font.
After getting all the Mickey's I started putting pictures on pages and making a list  of other cuts I wanted to add to the pages. The Mickey Font head with the Gypsy Wanderings pumpkin face (thanks hide/contour button) was perfect for the inside cover page.
I added the fun need for speed cut off Sports Mania to the Tomorrowland Speedway photo and Designer Calendar hearts to this moment when my daughter squeezed Flynn Rider (From the new Tangled movie)
The Tinkerbell page had to have a little Tink shadow and the fun "Halloween" cut is from Word Collage.
I had so much fun working on this book. It is my first YourStory project. I bought the machine for a steal and have only used the laminating function so far, but I really wanted to make this fun book so I had to try it out.
I was so pleased with how well it binded my pages (about 19 of them). I had the YourStory photo and did not feel it binded as well (plus the larger one does bigger sizes.) What a fun fun fun hop, plus I linked this up over at Craft Junkie Too T.G.I.F. Link up. Tomorrow The Hot Scrap Assistant takes it down to his final 4. I hope you will check back in for that. If you want to see more about Jacob's adventures check out the Hot Blog Hop label!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your next stop is...