Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Layout Plan 1: Hula Hoop Layout

One of my goals is to work on one scrapbook layout each week...hopefully finish it,but at least get a good start so I complete one every other week for sure. This week I am going to work on a Disney layout from our October trip. I was looking at some pictures and am going to work with these cute images of my daughter hula-hooping while waiting for the afternoon parade.
I am thinking of creating a bunch of hoops for the background and layering them all on top of each other???  What do you think the best Cricut font for a hula-hoop layout would be?  Results coming soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Student Teacher Welcome Gift

I am very happy to be welcoming a student teacher into my classroom tomorrow. The students have already gotten to know her with visit during the start of the year and I know this is going to be a great experience for her. I am nervous about being away and wonder, but very excited for her. I wanted to make her feel welcome tomorrow so I made this fun gift bucket to sit on her desk while she is with us.

I started with the idea and gathering all my supplies. I wasn't too sure how it would all come together so I put the Tootsie Pops in first to see how they fit (I used one of those green flower arrangement foams stuck to the bottom). Then I printed a red vinyl rectangle using my Imagine and Hopscotch Cartridge. I cut out her last name out in Cursive 101 after welding it together on my Gypsy. It went on so easy after a little adjustment to make it straight.
Next I planned out the different shapes I wanted for the decorations. I had planned on flowers only, but my daughter thought books would look cute and I went with that idea and added the other school item as well. I used several carts to get everything I wanted: Smiley Cards for the pencil, Doodletype for the paper shape, MS Seasonal Cakes for the A+, My Community for the open books, and Hello Kitty Greetings for the stack of books with the apple on top. (I added some Stickles to my A+ and some Glossy Accents to the apple!)
Finally I did add 3 flowers to the bunch as well.I cut the basic flower form Bloom in different sizes. I wanted them to stick out a little so I curled the edges on my marker and added a button center to each one.
When it was time to put the whole thing together I went with my glue gun and some large Zots. I wanted them to stick but not fall apart, plus look clean on the back. I cut black bases for the back of each and using the glue gun and Zots put them on the sticks.
After getting all the sticks right where I wanted them I stepped back and was thrilled with it, but still added the red vinyl flowers with pearl centers. Now I can not wait for her to see it and am ready to make more as gifts for others.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie Wedding Shower: Invites Part 2

You might have seen the invite I created for a shower my Mom and I are giving for some close friends. I made a demo invite to see how it would work out for my Mom, who is going to hand write the info onto them. We are doing a movie theme because the reception is being held I an old movie theater in Kansas. 
My part of the invites is officially finished. I cut each clapboard (from the Cricut Craft Room Exclusive Movie Night) and the layers to go with it (I took a few cuts away using the hide/contour button on my Gypsy). I also added a small heart form designer's Calendar to each one. Once I had all the pieces glued together (including a list of registry places on the back) and dry I used some Stickles: Christmas Red, Cotton Candy and Glam Pink to make the hearts pop out.  
I only used the Xyron for the largest pieces.
Sometimes it is hard to remove all the sticky.
Now they are drying and waiting for my Mom to add the information for the shower. I recently bought the Almost Famous stamp set from Pink By Design and decided it would be perfect for the outside of the envelopes. I stamped each one with the fun, "Roll out the Red Carpet" stamp. 
Once my Mom has finished I will share the final results. Stay tuned for all the decor we have planned as well. I have a bunch of other projects started this weekend so I am off to get more done. Tomorrow I will share the fun gifts I am making for my Student Teacher who starts on Monday!

Saturday Scrappy Goals

I had a small wake-up call yesterday...Wait that sounds a little more serious than this actually is...

I had an epiphany yesterday. Yes that is much better.

So over on the Circle Message Board someone was looking for blogs that had a lot of scrapbook layouts.  Well I consider myself a scrapbooker before anything else crafty, so imagine my surprise when looking at my blog posts (over 300) I had only about 60 that had scrapbook layouts....WOW!!

It is time to get those layouts going again (I got 3 done in the past 3 weeks). That is after I finish up the projects I have lined up....OH MY?  What is a crafter to do when her ideas bucket is overfilling?

It is time for some crafty goal setting.... (and this time I am starting small)

1. Work on 1 layout per week. (It may not get finished but a good start)
2. Post 2 layout a month (MINIMUM!)
3. Try out for a design team (check I did this is nice to have a check mark on your list..wish me luck.)
4. Post to my blog at least 3 times a week.

I hear by acknowledge these Scrappy Goals and will get to work on them this weekend! Stay tuned I should have a project to share later today.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shopping Fun..projects coming

I have finally allowed myself to do a little extra craft shopping. I have had a few ideas in my head and needed to add some things to my stash in order to work on the ideas.

I bought some supplies to make a fun display for my student teacher who is starting on Monday. I have a good plan in my head, but you will have to wait and see how it turns out after this weekend.
Next I bought the Round Shape Studio from Epiphany Crafts. I saw Sarah, Pink by Design Stamps, demo this on her her My Craft Channel spots, Sarah's Stack Up and I wanted one. When I saw it on the shelf this week I decided that I would get it and play with it very soon.  Can't wait.  Go watch Sarah demo it, you will want one too.
Now did you know that Oriental Trading sells craft supplies?  Well they do: I have recently got 2 sets of Stickles to add to my collection (8 bottles for $13.00) and a box of fun glitter and plain buttons in all colors and sizes. I order things form them all the time and often spend enough for the free shipping deals they are offering so check them out when you need things.
Hopefully I will have some fun projects to share soon (lots of new things to work with) including some cards using ll these fun images form Imagine More Cards that I printed and cut to make some quick cards to keep on hand. Hope all are well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Wedding Shower: Invite Demo

A very close friend is getting married this summer and my mother and I will be hosting a shower for the couple in March. They are getting married in an old movie theater and love movies so we decided to run with this theme for the party. As you might know Cricut Craft Room recently released Movie Night images. When I saw this set I decided it was time to get to know Craft Room and purchased the set right away.
This is the demo invite (not sure my Mom can write this small on all 30 invites), but I am glad I played around with the Cricut Craft Room and think I am going to enjoy it once I get to know it better. Stay tuned for all the fun decor and favors we have planned for the shower!

Adding this to the What Are You Up To? Link Party At Pink by Design. Check out what others are making this week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jar Lids

I was hanging out on the message board this morning and found these amazing jar labels created by another Circle Member, Sara (She was the Weekly Challenge on the Circle Blog).  I thought they were super fun and wanted to make some of my own...I decided to put mine on the lids instead of on the sides.
I cut out 2 circles using George & Basic Shapes. In one set of the circles I cut the words, "buttons" and "ribbon" using one of my favorite font carts, Cherry Limeade. After cutting I glue my patterned paper with the letters cut out onto the black circle backs. I had to paste on the little cut outs for the letters, but there were only a few.
These labels were missing something...accessories! I added a small ribbon bow to the top of one and a simple white button with a baker's twine bow to the other. On top they went and viola...two newly decorated jars of fun! Thanks for the inspiration Sara!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mustang Snapshot Wall Display

I have taken over a wall in the front hallway of the school I work at.  For the last few years I have been putting up fun displays for sports and the drama production. In the past I have changed the wall around for each sport, but this year has been so busy that it stayed the same for a long time...until today.
I decided that we have some fun moments to share right now: we just got done with Spirit Week (cray hair day photos are too funny) and we have a pep rally for our state testing coming up.  I wanted to put something on the wall that could showcase these moments.
filmstrip is  from Mickey & Friends pg144 
When I saw the filmstrip cut on Mickey and Friends I knew I wanted to use it for my wall someday and I did it. I blew up the image and only cut half of it at a time.  I put 4 halves together for each strip. It was so easy!
For the lettering I used my Pooh Font set cartridge and than I made the cute little cameras from Create A Critter to finish it all off. I laminated all the pieces and plan on putting pictures right on top in the filmstrip ones every few weeks.
Today when students were walking out they were very excited about the new wall and a few begged me not to put photos of them up!!  Who knows.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winner Winner: 3 Day Challenge

I had a few people email me or leave a message saying they had created 3 projects over the weekend.  Congrats on your success and special congrats to:
I selected your name after putting them all folded up in a hat (ok, my daughter picked so thank her). You have won a copy of Cricut Classic Font, which came with the colored Expression (of which I have 2).  Please contact me via the contact form with your mailing address and it should go out this weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2012

3 Day Weekend Challenge: Horsing Around Layout

Well I am successful!! I made and posted 2 projects each day of my weekend (I actually got a few others made today and plan on sharing them soon!). I feel like I got so much done, but I also had so much fun in my craft room.
For this project I was asked, by my daughter, to make some pages for her album. I choose her first time on a horse for this cute double layout (8x8 pages).
I cut the horses off My World than added some black lines and hooves to complete them.
I cut the letters and the cute little journal box frame using Old West. I am pleased and my daughter was over joyed.
Hope you had a great 3 day weekend...did you get any projects completed this weekend? If you got 3 done let me know to enter for a chance to win Cricut Classic Font...I am going to pull a winner tomorrow evening.

3 Day Challenge: Queen Sophie layout

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are enjoying the day (sorry to those who had to work). I go back to work tomorrow, but have enjoyed my 3 days off and am super happy about getting projects done.
Today I set to work on a new Disney album from the trip I took with my daughter back in October. We were only at Disney World for 1 day, but boy did I take pictures...enough for a 40 page album (our trip that lasted a week was 60).

The first page I decided to work on was using a picture of my daughter trying to pull the sword out of the stone.  I went for a Queen Sophie title and worked from there.
I cut this fun banner using a cut from Carousel and my favorite Gypsy feature, hide/contour. I was able to get rid of the word carnival from the banner and I cut these great red letters using Storybook.
I cut the frame for the photo (lots of single photo pages in this album) using Fancy Frames and the crown is from Disney's Happily Ever After cartridge. I added a few touches using my I-Rock.

I am only 1 project away from meeting my goal of 2 projects each day of my weekend and I am having so much fun. My daughter wants me to do a page for her album next so off I go.If you have completed 3 projects this weekend please let me know and you will be entered to win the Cricut Classic Font Cartridge. I have a few entries so far! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Day Weekend Challenge: Button Heart

I just finished my second project of the day! 
I was planning on doing a layout, but looking at the pieces I cut this morning I wasn't feeling it and I did not think I would get it done before dinner (movie date, led to shopping, led to visit with my mom etc..) so I decided to try something I have been wanting to try...button shapes. I have seen tons and tons of fun letters, stars and hearts made out of buttons on Pinterest and I really wanted to try it. 
I gathered my buttons and selected a few different colors and sizes. I drew a heart with light pencil and filled it in using the buttons.
I wanted to have them appear stitched on, (which now looking at others most just seem to just glue them down) but I needed to make sure they stayed in place while I used needle and thread to put the floss through so I quickly glued them down (many popped off as I stitched, but this helped so much) before punching holes using my piercing tool.
Next I stitched a white floss into all the holes and secured it to another sheet of card stock using large Zots. I was in love with this but it needed a sentiment. I found my only "I love you" stamp from My Pink Stamper: Lunchbox Thoughts and using two different dew drops I stamped it right near my heart.
NOW...what to do with this heart I love so much. I was thinking card, but after much thought I decided to put it onto a gift bag,as I tend to reuse those over and over in my family and when I am done with the bag I can pull the heart off and hang it up.
So excited that I tried this out and I love it.  I will do more of these I think now that I got past the first try. Hope you are having a great weekend..maybe getting some crafting done. Check out my weekend challenge HERE for your chance to wine Cricut Classic Font. I am 2 days down and 1 to go...SUCCESS so far!!

One more thing...I'm adding this project to the following challenge:

3 Day Weekend Challenge: Wild Lunch Box Cards

Good morning everyone. I got up before everyone this morning and made some quick lunch box cards to add to my stash. It was getting low and my daughter sure does love getting them.
I have this stack of 8x8 paper from DCWV called Animal Crackers and it has all sorts of cute animal and jungle prints. I thought they would make some cute cards. I cut my paper 3x6 and scored it to fold. Than I cut out some quick words from Wild Card and Animal Kingdom and added them to the front.

The insides are simple: one blank, one "hello" and one "I love you" using a white heart stamp (kind of hard to see in this photo).
We are off to breakfast with my hubby's parents and later Beauty and the Beast 3D!!!  After we get back I need to complete my second project of the day, another layout I stared cutting out this morning.

Still time for you to share your 3 projects with me, via link or email and be entered to win Cricut Classic Font. All posts are needed by tomorrow at midnight CST (US entries only). See my original post about this form yesterday HERE!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 Day Weekend Challenge: Tickle Time Layout

Success! I was able to get two projects done today! If you don't know I am challenging myself to post 2 projects everyday during the 3 day weekend. (I have a smaller challenge for you if you look below!)
For my second project today I did a layout featuring my husband and niece. When we visited Nashville over Thanksgiving they had a small tickle war one morning and I had to capture it on film. All the paper is from K & Company's Snuggle Bug stack and the page was loosely based on the page map below:
After I got all my layers of the paper the way I wanted them I choose to cut the letters using my Tear Drop Cartridge. I also cut a small oval, this time off Ashlyn's Alphabet and a rounded tag from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. As you can tell I steered away from the page map quite a bit, but it was my inspiration. I also added a stamp from the "Just Breathe" stamp set from Pink By Design. 
I wanted the page to have a little bling so I used my Stickles to cover up the letters and added a few brads using that wondering We R Memory Keepers Brad Setter and Piercing tool I talked about earlier today.   With a little ribbon bow behind the tag I was satisfied...sometimes you can add too much to a page but this one turned out just right.
I am challenging you as well: Complete 3 projects this weekend and you will be entered to win the Cricut Classic Font cartridge that comes with the colored Expressions. Just leave me a post with a link to your projects or send me an email with pics and you will be entered. All entries must be in by midnight CST Monday 1/16) US entries only.