Friday, August 27, 2010


The first week of school is over.  I am...SLEEPY!  Getting back into the swing of things is difficult, especially after having all that free time to do whatever you want. I am happy to report I did not have too much trouble getting used to the wake up time (about 3 hours earlier than I slept this summer!) and so far so good. My students are quiet.  This is not a bad thing for most teachers, but I am not most teachers - give me a little noise please! 

I am looking forward to doing some mind melting scrapping this weekend.  I feel like I am a little bit in withdrawal. I used my all the time in the summer...several weeks it was everyday and now I have not touched it in 5 days.  I hope it still loves me and will work. I want to make some cards and  finish up the last few Disney Pages so wish me luck. It is the last weekend of the August Challenge and I can head back into a craft store soon...what will I buy???

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrap Wild

I spent my last free day working on the Disney Scrapbook.  I got 6 pages finished and I had a lot of fun making them. I always enjoy my time in the scrapbook room. I get so caught up in each page that the time gets away form me. When your stomach starts to growl you know you need to finish a page, look at the clock and go feed yourself. 

From My Kitchen: Utensils, Mickey Font: words
Mother's Day 2010: vine and flowers, Lyrical Letters: wording
Doodletype: wording
Today I even used a cartridge that I have never used before (Mother's Day 2010) to make one of my pages. Over at the Cricut Circle forum someone suggested that we use all of our cartridges so I am trying my best to do just that. As part of the August "Use what you have" Challenge I actually set the goal of using as many of my carts as possible during the month so it is easy to piggyback onto this new challenge.

I will be honest I am counting cartridges even if all I do is cut one shape from them...let's face it sometimes you just need George & Basic Shapes for those simple shapes.  In addition to Mother's Day & George, today I used Mickey Font, From My Kitchen, Lyrical Letters and Doodletype. I also am starting my count from August 2010 instead of going back into old projects to see what I have used.  I know I have used some of my cartridges a lot (Plantin Schoolbook is on at least on bulletin board a year at school) and others not at all. I wanted a fresh start so that is that. I will be posting pictures both on the main page of my blog and on the My Cricut Cartridges pages as well.      
Not a single Cartridge Used!! Just great
ribbon and stickers.

I do not always use my Cricut for my scrapbook pages! Every now and than I do not have a need for it to complete a page. I will admit I always want to find a way to use it, but than I remember that I survived years of scrap booking without it so I  let it go and enjoy the page I made.

Tomorrow I head back to work. I have a feeling my posts will be a little more school related for awhile (unless I have time to create some things over the weekends!). The school year often gives me a lot to think about so I am sure I will want to share.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enjoying the last few days

It is almost time to go back to school.  Several schools in my area are already starting classes, but my district will not begin until next week Tuesday.  Us teachers will report on Friday and Monday for those wonderful meetings we have each year to prepare for the year. That may sound sarcastic but they are actually important for getting the basic changes that have been made under control, plus they feed us a yummy breakfast on Friday morning!

I am spending my last free days getting some things done at home and scrap booking the last few pages from our vacation this summer. The album is almost complete.  I just finished two pages from the day we stopped at each of the four parks in Disney World for a little bit. I'm not kidding.  We hit all 4 in one day!!  We started in Animal Kingdom, went back to the hotel for a pit stop (I had to change my wet shorts from the rapids ride) and then went to Hollywood Studios - where it poured on us and we saw Handy Manny in the Playhouse Disney Live Show.  After we took a boat over to Epcot to walk the World Showcase and meet more princess characters. Finally we took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. We saw Mickey's PhilharMagic, went to the Tiki Room and rode a few rides before we all wanted to pass out from exhaustion.
It was a fantastic day! You can check out my Tiki Room page on the My Cricut Cartridges page.

Hopefully I will get more pages done tomorrow and be able to finish it up this weekend. Summer is coming to an end!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy Card Day

Cindy Loo: Thanks & frame
I have decided that I like making cards.  I REALLY like it.  I am finding all sorts of new ways to be creative and know that this is going to be something I continue to explore.  My mother-in-law was here this weekend. I showed her the first cards I made and she was pretty excited about this new creative venture so she took a peak at my cartridge wish list and I got two treats before she left: Rock Princess & "Just Because" Cards (thanks JoAnn's for the awesome sale and an extra 20% off with teacher discount!!).

This morning I knew I wanted to make a "thank you" card for my mother-in-law. I also wanted to play with the new cartridges and see what else I could do with them. I had so much fun and am happy with the results.  I made 8 cards this afternoon (for the August Challenge I brought my cartridge use total up to 25!!)

I made 6 cards all with the same theme to use at the start of the school year. This year our theme for Back-2-School is "Rock Your Learning" I wanted to have some cards to give to  my co-workers who are always so helpful.
Rock Princess: Guitar and Rock Star
Walk In My Garden: Thinking of You
I also used Design Studio to see if I could weld a word to the top of a card and it worked out pretty good. I basically did what I learned from the tutorials for making a word book, but with the word welded to the bottom of the card. I wasn't so sure it would work, but it is one of those ideas that gets into your head right before you go to sleep at night and it completely bugs you until you try it out. I have seen so many beautiful cards that I am sure I must have seen this done, but could not remember and had to try it out.

All cards & envelopes were made with
Just Because Cards 
It may sound funny funny, but I think I like making envelopes the best. I used bright and colorful patterns and just stuck white labels on them so the postman doesn't want to hit me. I think if I was getting one of these in the mail that just seeing the envelope would make me smile because I would be pretty sure it wasn't a bill or junk.

I have jury duty tomorrow morning and it will be a busy back to school week.  Teachers report on Friday for meetings and the new class of 8th graders arrive next Tuesday.  I am getting really excited, but know it will cut my scraping time back. I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for stopping by to see things the way I see them.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Disney Scrapbook Continues

After not wanting to work on the Disney scrapbook for awhile I found my rejuvenation today and got 4 pages done.  I have about 10 left until the book is 100% finished. It was such an amazing trip for my family.

We were in Florida for 9 days: the first three in Vero Beach. We enjoyed visiting with my "aunt and uncle" (My Mom's best friend and her husband) and spent a lot of time at the beach. My daughter and husband had never played in the ocean before so it was fun to watch them explore the waves and build sandcastles - even if it was hot.

Once we arrived at Disney World the trip only got better. I was so overcome with emotions.  I just wanted everyone to have a good time and had worked so hard on the planing part that I had to settled down and enjoy everything. 

Working on the scrapbook has been so much fun, all the memories come flooding back.  I get a little tired of scrapping when I do too much at a time, so I took some time away and worked on other projects, but today I was very pleased with what I did and I know it will not be long before I complete the whole book for us to enjoy until our next visit.

I used the Disney Dreams Come True Cartridge to do this page.
I love the was the gold made everything look better.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back 2 School Work

I put it off for as long as I could. I had to get some work done for my classroom today.  I wanted to scrapbook and make cards all day (cards are my new obsession) but I need to be a little responsible. Hopefully tomorrow I can really create with the Cricut.

I got all my start of the year letters rewritten with the changes that needed to be made done.  I also am fully planned for the first Chapter of Social Studies (I love that I am organized enough to go right into my binder and find what I need!!) and my English curriculum is set for the first week as well. It felt good to knock these things out today. I need to go into the building tomorrow to make my copies and hang up my wall display.

I can not get into my classroom until next week, which may be a problem. I have jury duty!!!  I know super fun times ahead. I decided not to ask to have it postponed because than I would be missing time in the middle of the school year.  I only hope that I do not have to go to jury duty every day next week or my classroom will not be set up fully in time for the first day...which I will hate!  Send me good wishes please.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Card to be Proud of

I did it! I made a card!  To be honest I actually made one earlier this week, but I was so excited about getting it in the mail that I did not take a single photo of it.  Today when I made another I kept saying to myself (out loud enough times that when I was finished my husband reminded me) "Take Pictures!" and I did.

This card is for my cousin and his wife, who called to tell us they are expecting a baby in March.  My cousin was so cute when he told me and I can tell they are looking forward to the adventure ahead. This baby, if it is a boy will be the only one caring on the family name so as much as I want them to have a girl as wonderful as my own...a boy would be pretty awesome too.

I used Wild Card for the envelope and lining, Celebrations for the card, Doodletype for the word art and Stretch Your Imagination for the baby buggy. The paper is all from the Tiffany's stack by WE R Memory Keepers (Hobby Lobby!) I love this stack because it comes with coordinating papers (some with glitter), alpha stickers, alpha chipboard and die cuts. 

Save files if you cut the card using Design Software or your Gypsy.  I was making this and thinking..I will never remember how I did this and the sizes I used from the different carts to recreate the basic card and envelope and than...OH YEAH, I can save this file and go back to it again when I need help.

I have gotten such great tips and advice from my fellow Circle Members and all the projects they have shared is really what got me inspired to make some cards and use the piles and piles, drawers and drawers full of paper I already have. Thank you Sasha for the August Challenge: so far I have used 16 different cartridges, created my first 2 cards, 3 scrapbook layouts, a wall display for school and...spent no money at a craft store! To all others in the challenge goo luck! We have 8 days under our belt!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Think About Getting Involved Display

Drama letters: Cherry Limeade, Masks: Locker Talk
Cross Country: Plantin Schoolbook, Runner: Sports Mania 
Ever since I got my Cricut machine I have used it to enhance my classroom and create projects to share with my students. Because I am the director of the school play each year I have often created a wall display outside the gym to celebrate the cast and their hard work. As I have grown ore confident using my Cricut I have branched out and made displays for sports and other activities going on at school. Last year I made over 40 Paper doll Cheerleaders to celebrate my cheer team.  I love creating things to display around the school and my students love when I bring my machine into school  to help them add that special touch to their own work.

ART: Cherry Limeade, paints: Locker Talk
Intramurals: Varsity Letter
Balls & Basketball: Sports Mania
This year I am going to continue making a wall display to support our sports teams and other clubs, but I wanted something for the start of the year to encourage the students at my school to get involved in one of the many sports and/or clubs that we offer. I decided on the following idea:

Soccer and ball: Sports Mania
Yearbook, camera & book: Locker Talk
Lit Mag: Cherry Limeade

I used 11 different cartridges to put this all together and I can not wait to go put it up on the wall at school. I hope it will encourage the students to become active during the year.  If nothing else I hope it at least gets the kids to "Think About" it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gearing Up for Back to School & Random Thoughts

I know people think I am nuts for what I am about to say, but I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I love the shopping (hello sales on everything it seems) the preparing and well I love welcoming new students into my classroom. So, when August rolls around and I can start getting ready it just makes me smile. I get super excited when I start seeing commercials and adds in the paper.  I love walking into a Target and going to the back to school section!

I had a meeting today to work on our curriculum and it was very productive. I feel that after 10 years of teaching I am finally figuring out the kind of teacher I want to be and am loving sharing it with my coworkers as we work to make the year great. The goal of the team I am working with on this curriculum is that we will not have to start all over every year anymore.  Here's hoping!! We have worked hard on everything and I have high hopes that we will be successful.  We are ready for the school year and eager to see results.

I also am looking forward to drama club and cheer leading starting up again. These are the two after school activities that i work with and I enjoy them greatly.  I have so much fun getting to know the students who come out for these activities and we always have so much fun. This year's show is Alice in Wonderland and I am really looking forward to seeing where we take it.

- I am doing great with the August Challenge (Do not buy anything new and use what you have!) Yesterday I made 3 pages for my Disney Book and I used 4 separate cartridges. I even used one I have never used before!

- I can not eat anymore cake balls.  I made some for our dance party (which was a quiet success) and feel like I am going to be eating them for the next year,  I was happy that my coworkers seemed to enjoy them today.

- I do not want to cook today.  I have been trying hard not to eat out to often and to cook more, but today is not the day for that.  So, let's call the pizza delivery man.

- I can not stop thinking about different things I want to write about for the novel I am working on. To bad they all are different stories.  I need to carve out some writing time and get words to paper.

OK, that is about all for now. Friday I am going to make cards (the first ones I have ever made with my Cricut) Check back for pictures.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrapbooking isn't the only thing I care about

This blog isn't only for my scrap booking attempts, successes and excitement. It is for me!! Selfish? Yes, I am. I wanted a place to talk about me.  I talk too much in general, but lately I feel like no one is listening.  That made me feel pretty sad and so when I joined the Cricut Circle and saw all these fun blogs I figured even if no one read my blog at least I was getting out what I wanted to say.

Scrap booking isn't my the only thing I care about. It happens to be something that I am doing a lot of this summer so it is getting a lot of attention, but I have other thoughts as well.  This is what is on my mind right now:

I miss my grandfather.  He passed away in January, just shy of his 90th birthday. He was a wonderful man. He was stern at times and did not always want to change his ways, but when he was with his family he was a happy guy always ready to lay a not so appropriate joke on you. He had 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. I have been cleaning the house a lot this weekend (a rare thing for me as I do not like cleaning at all) and happen to come buy a photo of him and my daughter that is one of my favorites. She was his first great-grandchild and I still think about the day we told him I was pregnant.

He was one of the only people that my husband and I got to tell in person. We went over to his apartment for dinner on night and I brought him a card. It had a picture of a baby playing the drums. On the inside I wrote, "maybe your first great-grandchild will be a drummer. We can start looking for signs when he or she arrives in May." It took him a few moments, but than he got this look on his face that I have seen many times. It was as if he had a question and was confused.  He looked at the note again and than asked if this meant what he thought it meant. When we confirmed it he smiled and hugged us both. When we cleaned out his apartment after he passed away, we found the card sitting in his side table with some other important notes and cards. I miss him when I look at that card (now hanging  in my office).

This is just one other thing I care about, but I felt that I was not totally being me by only talking about my Cricut and creations of late.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disney Word Book/August Challenge

 used Doodletype for the letters, George & Basic Shapes
 for the Rectangles & Mickey Font for the mouse ears.
I wasn't so sure I would be able to make a word book, but as soon I saw them posted on other peoples' blogs and in the Circle Message Board I thought I would try.  I got some great help from Circle Member Rosina. She sent me this link: http://invinciblesummer....03/creating-a-wo-1.html

I followed the directions and low and behold I created a word book all of my own.  I consider this my practice word book.  I used card stock paper and it is not all put together yet, but I am pretty excited of what I have accomplished so far.

I look forward putting the rest of this together to have on my desk at work. I also want to get some chip board and make some word books as gifts for people. I am super happy with this new trick..which is an old trick for most Cricut owners.

A fellow Circle member, Sasha, has given us a great challenge. For the entire month of August do not buy anything new! No paper, cartridges, stickers, nothing!!  The "use what you have challenge" is just what I need.  I am happy to report that it is the first day of August and so far I have not bought anything new! Okay so I only found out about the task this afternoon and I did not leave the house today...I can make it the whole month. Good luck anyone else taking on this challenge!

Fun Times at The CHA

I had a really great time at the CHA Super Show as I mentioned before, but I wanted to share soem of my photos and favorite moments with you.

First off I got to meet a bunch of Circut Circle Members at the meeting they held for us Friday morning. It was a very excited group of people and we celebrated being part of the new group.  They showed us the new machine Imagine!!! (Yes I will be buying one very soon!) and they gave away a tone of prizes.  It looks like they have great things in store for the Circle and I am excited to be in on this wonderful group.  I even got to meet the cricut!

I aslo got to meet Robin from My Pink Stamper. She was really sweet and fun to be around. She has a new line of stamps and I got some to use in my own scrapping.  I got a set called Buggy Punnies: Very cute! Check them out for yourself at her on my page.

It was a great day.

Had a great time with at the 2010 Summer CHA Super Show!!

This is the photo I took at the booth at CHA!!!
I met Green Girl (Michele) on the way into the Circle Meeting & we stayed together all day!!