Thursday, September 16, 2010

I finished it!!!

I finally finished our family scrapbook for our Disney Vacation.  The trip was in June of this year so it was not really that long but I so wanted t finished before school started.  I knew that If I did not get it done I would leave it and not finish it forever. I am so happy with the way this album turned out (all 63 pages). I feel like I grew as a scrapbooker while I made this and I know that I will have these memories present in a way that shows how I really felt while we were on the trip.

Now that I have bought the Imagine from Provo Craft I can only begin to think what will be created, but I know that I will use it well.  I was on the fence about buying it, but my husband told me he could see that I would use it for many projects.  He also helped me move all the furniture in my office/craft space so that I can keep it and my Expression out all the time. Gotta love husbands!!

I wish I was better at updating this blog, but with school started it has gotten a little harder to do.  I have used my Expression so much since school began and many teachers are asking about the machine that will be arriving at our school soon. Thanks Provo Craft. I will post more pictures soon.

Here is a photo of the cover page for the Disney book.  I made this 9 square layout using Plantin Schoolbook last year for something else and I am sooooooo happy I saved the file because I now use it all the time. Happy Crafting to all.

My goal is to post one new project each week so I hope you will keep checking in.


  1. Love your cover page, and your topic. My favorite pictures to scrap all have to do with Disney.

  2. Awesome for you for finishing! That is a great accomplishment! Does that mean it's time to go again? :)

    I am pretty excited to see the card you made me. Getting mail is fun :)


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