Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ART card

Recently one of my former students got selected to be the student director. Each year at the high school she attends one student gets asked to pick a show, cut it down to a shorter version, cast and direct the show. I was so excited for her and very pleased to attend the show. She selected the show Art by Yasmina Reza. Here is the card I made for her.
I wanted the card to reflect the spirit of the show which is about a man who buys an all-white painting and what happens when his friend questions the purchases and their friendship. I found the cover of the script and a poster for inspiration.
I cut a simple square card as well as a white layer, which I slashed like the script cover. For the letters I used  the Pooh Font Set to cut the title. I did not realize until I was finished I had mixed the colors, but I was pleased with the results and so was Daniela. Thanks much for stopping by today. 


  1. Congrats to your former student for the opportunity and what a great card you created! Wonderful job!

  2. Wonderful card! I don't think the color changes made any difference, it was great! Great job!


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