Friday, August 27, 2010


The first week of school is over.  I am...SLEEPY!  Getting back into the swing of things is difficult, especially after having all that free time to do whatever you want. I am happy to report I did not have too much trouble getting used to the wake up time (about 3 hours earlier than I slept this summer!) and so far so good. My students are quiet.  This is not a bad thing for most teachers, but I am not most teachers - give me a little noise please! 

I am looking forward to doing some mind melting scrapping this weekend.  I feel like I am a little bit in withdrawal. I used my all the time in the summer...several weeks it was everyday and now I have not touched it in 5 days.  I hope it still loves me and will work. I want to make some cards and  finish up the last few Disney Pages so wish me luck. It is the last weekend of the August Challenge and I can head back into a craft store soon...what will I buy???

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Paper of course!!! :)

    Glad your first week went well. And I wish you more noise! :)


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