Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrap Wild

I spent my last free day working on the Disney Scrapbook.  I got 6 pages finished and I had a lot of fun making them. I always enjoy my time in the scrapbook room. I get so caught up in each page that the time gets away form me. When your stomach starts to growl you know you need to finish a page, look at the clock and go feed yourself. 

From My Kitchen: Utensils, Mickey Font: words
Mother's Day 2010: vine and flowers, Lyrical Letters: wording
Doodletype: wording
Today I even used a cartridge that I have never used before (Mother's Day 2010) to make one of my pages. Over at the Cricut Circle forum someone suggested that we use all of our cartridges so I am trying my best to do just that. As part of the August "Use what you have" Challenge I actually set the goal of using as many of my carts as possible during the month so it is easy to piggyback onto this new challenge.

I will be honest I am counting cartridges even if all I do is cut one shape from them...let's face it sometimes you just need George & Basic Shapes for those simple shapes.  In addition to Mother's Day & George, today I used Mickey Font, From My Kitchen, Lyrical Letters and Doodletype. I also am starting my count from August 2010 instead of going back into old projects to see what I have used.  I know I have used some of my cartridges a lot (Plantin Schoolbook is on at least on bulletin board a year at school) and others not at all. I wanted a fresh start so that is that. I will be posting pictures both on the main page of my blog and on the My Cricut Cartridges pages as well.      
Not a single Cartridge Used!! Just great
ribbon and stickers.

I do not always use my Cricut for my scrapbook pages! Every now and than I do not have a need for it to complete a page. I will admit I always want to find a way to use it, but than I remember that I survived years of scrap booking without it so I  let it go and enjoy the page I made.

Tomorrow I head back to work. I have a feeling my posts will be a little more school related for awhile (unless I have time to create some things over the weekends!). The school year often gives me a lot to think about so I am sure I will want to share.

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