Friday, August 6, 2010

Think About Getting Involved Display

Drama letters: Cherry Limeade, Masks: Locker Talk
Cross Country: Plantin Schoolbook, Runner: Sports Mania 
Ever since I got my Cricut machine I have used it to enhance my classroom and create projects to share with my students. Because I am the director of the school play each year I have often created a wall display outside the gym to celebrate the cast and their hard work. As I have grown ore confident using my Cricut I have branched out and made displays for sports and other activities going on at school. Last year I made over 40 Paper doll Cheerleaders to celebrate my cheer team.  I love creating things to display around the school and my students love when I bring my machine into school  to help them add that special touch to their own work.

ART: Cherry Limeade, paints: Locker Talk
Intramurals: Varsity Letter
Balls & Basketball: Sports Mania
This year I am going to continue making a wall display to support our sports teams and other clubs, but I wanted something for the start of the year to encourage the students at my school to get involved in one of the many sports and/or clubs that we offer. I decided on the following idea:

Soccer and ball: Sports Mania
Yearbook, camera & book: Locker Talk
Lit Mag: Cherry Limeade

I used 11 different cartridges to put this all together and I can not wait to go put it up on the wall at school. I hope it will encourage the students to become active during the year.  If nothing else I hope it at least gets the kids to "Think About" it.


  1. This is a really great idea! And one that benefits everyone in your school, not just your students. Fantastic! Even the extra O in involved :) :) :)

  2. I thought that looked funny..but I had this extra o and wasn;t sure where it went. Hello Ms B..spell check


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