Friday, February 3, 2012

100 Flowers in a Pot, Hula Hoop Layout and Treat Bags..OH MY

I have a few projects on my hands this weekend. I have started gathering everything I will need and hopefully will be able to complete everything and share it with you soon.

100 Flowers in a Pot
I am super excited to be helping my daughter with her 100 day project this weekend. The other night we sat as a family and came up with a bunch of fun ideas for this assignment: turn 100 hearts into a larger heart, put 100 book titles on a poster drawn cart (thanks Fancy Nancy) and many more (some very silly). In the end she has selected 100 Flowers in a Pot.  We went and bought pipe cleaners, a flower pot and beads to attach the flowers with and right now she is looking at my papers and trying to select which ones she wants to fun (will she pick 100 different papers???)

I started planning my layout of the week on Monday and while I did not cut anything yet for the page I have a good idea of what it will look like...even did a mini sketch (and will share it when I get it off the camera.
Treat Bags 2012
I set the bar pretty high I guess. Last year I made these treat bags for all the staff in my building. I already decided to do it again and have the candy, but how sweet that one of my coworkers said to me today...
"I just noticed the topped of those treat bags on my bulletin board...thinking about doing that again?" 

Guess I know what I will be working on in between hair appointments, gymnatsics lessons and birthday parties this weekend.


  1. LOL. Hope you don't have to do too many. I did something similar for my coworkers as well. Take care.


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