Saturday, February 4, 2012

100th Day of School: 100 Flowers in a Pot

My daughter will celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten this coming week and each student was asked to create a project. They had to either glue the items onto a poster or create a model of some type. We brainstormed as a family for a long time the other night. Sophie knew she wanted me to cut her 100 things using the Cricut, but what to do...
- 100 circles with sparkles glued in the shape of a star 
- 100 hearts joined into one larger heart 
- 100 bananas with a monkey sitting on top of the pile. 
- a cut out dress with 100 polka dots painted on.

On and on we went until we got silly with ideas (on and on my hubby and I went later getting naughty with ideas)...After all was said and done she announced yesterday night that we would do....
This was one of my favorite ideas so it was very exciting. First we selected papers and flowers to cut out. I basically let her run wild in my random paper bins. We selected 4 flower cuts using Bloom and Hello Kitty Greetings and laid out the cuts on the Gypsy. After I had cut out over the amount needed, Sophie selected her 100 counting in groups of 10. Next we counted out 100 beads to use as the center of each flower.
Next came assembly. We poked holes into each flower (Sophie thought this was super fun) and set up an assembly line. I put the pipe cleaner into each flower and Sophie selected the perfect color bead for the center. When we were done with that I folded and poke the top end back into each flower and twisted. All that was left was putting them in the pot..BUT WAIT...
Sophie knows that pots can look better than that and requested letters for the front. Out came Hello Kitty Font (her and my favorite) and we added some fun white vinyl letters.
When all was said and done we had to have a photo shoot to honor the occasion. Glad we have survived 100 days of the school year (almost.) It has been hard, but she is happy!!
This is my end of the week link up to What are You Up to? with Pink Cricut.


  1. How cute! Wow...that's a lot of flowers and I know it had to take quite awhile to put together, but it turned out so very, very cute! Your Sophie is a great little crafter and so smart...who wants a plain flower pot when you can vinyl it up?? Happy 100 Days to you Sophie!

  2. So beautiful. Looks like a lot of work, but worth it.

  3. That is a great idea for the 100 days!


  4. What a GREAT idea!! She looks so proud too!! Love it!


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