Saturday, August 11, 2012

Teacher Sign

Last Spring a co-worker took a class in sign language and enjoyed it so much. I wanted her to have a fun memory of that for her classroom this year. Do you know what this sign spells out??
I used the CCR Exclusive American Sign Language to cut these wonderful hands out for my sign. I glued the black on top of the red while they were still attached to my mat, so lucky it all cut so nicely.
After getting a solid backing piece put together I wanted to cover the places my paper overlapped so I pulled out some fun decorative tape in a few different patterns and placed the strips all along the back in a semi-organized pattern. (some got a little crooked!)
Once the letters were placed on with pop-up foam pieces I felt that just one more little touch was needed so I added a little bow. 
I stuck magnet tape on the back so she could display it on her board at school. Us teachers arrive back to work on Thursday so it is time to get ready to go!!


  1. This is a great idea and so thoughtful. I bet your coworker will really like it:)
    My Mind's Dust Bunnies

  2. Oh my gosh. i had no idea these were out. I remember many requests for this kind of cart and they finally got it on CCR. That said, I think your gift is wonderfully thoughtful and she will love it.

  3. What a wonderful card!!!She will love it!I do!

  4. Cute sign. I used to know my alphabet, but forgot most of it. Thank you for the refresher course.


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