Friday, January 18, 2013

Peace Out

I do not know if it is trend among all 1st graders, but mine is obsessed with peace symbols. When she sees clothes, backpacks, shoes, even Jeep tire covers with a peach symbol on it she flips out. When she found this fun bedspread it was a no brainer for her Christmas gift.
Such a big gift is not always easy to wrap so I only wrapped the pillows and put a large peach symbol tag on the bedding set.
I cut 2 large peace symbols off the Groovy Times cartridge and adhered a piece of looped ribbon in between them. Then I added her name using the Cricut American Alphabet letters.
Of course this tag would not have been complete without some bling, so I added a bunch of gems using my I-rock.  She loved her bed set  on Christmas morning and the tag hangs from a bulletin board in her room now.
I also added these vinyl peace symbols to her wall. I used my Imagine to print the colors on before cutting the symbols. The colors are off All Wrapped Up. Thanks for stopping in for my simple post today. I forgot that I had not shown this yet!

Happy weekend to all (3 days for me!!!)  Hope to get some fun projects done this weekend.)


  1. Awesome ideas! She is so adorable!

  2. How adorable! Super cute!
    Have a wonderful 3 day weekend - we have one too!

  3. What a cute bedspread; she looks like she's loving it--so "peace"ful! lol. Love the peace symbols you made for her gift and her walls.

  4. OMG! I love that about her! That is so cool!



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