Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Elf on the Shelf 2015 Wrap Up!!

We love little elf, Conner,and enjoy having him around each year to bring us some holiday joy. I know he tries very hard to be creative when he visits us and so I thought I would share some of the ways he brought us joy this year...

He arrived on a night when our daughter was not home so he saved our arrival breakfast for later and just decorated a little.
He promptly got into the sugar in our house and got sick from it (did not move for 2 days!!!)

We finally had our special welcome breakfast a week later...He knows we like when he sits in a container we can move around without touching him.

We still did not have our tree up so he got very picky about it....
We got it up fast...or our daughter might have had a fit..
Apparently Conner has also become a reader recently and he read one of my daughter's favorite books...again not moving until he finished (but he made progress and showed his excited for the story!!)
He helped us celebrate my hubby's birthday and cuddled in some blankets. This year my daughter was set on asking him questions most nights. He would answer in notes or just by going to where the answer was...This is his favorite ornament on our tree.
Tragedy did strike one night...grandpa was over and picked Conner up....our daughter was very upset. Lucky for us we knew a little cinnamon could help make sure he did not loose his magic. Conner also explained to us that someone not living in the house, a "noneffector",  could not destroy the magic as they did not know the rules. (Grandpa was very worried about this!!)
It is now the final few days with our special visitor.  It is always hard to say goodbye but I bet he has some great ideas. He will be back next year I am sure.

Happy holidays to all and to all you Elf families...maybe you can share these ideas with your elf for next year!!

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  1. Super cute!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family!
    Have a blessed day,
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