Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Pinterest Easter

Easter weekend was amazing! Lots of time with family and friends and trying some new ideas.  I know we all have had Pinterest fails and successes, but I keep going back even with those fails because the ides are such fun.  I wanted to share some of mine form this past weekend - lucky for me I am viewing them as mostly successful.
Deviled Eggs: I have seen this a few times on Pinterest and was either to busy or scared to try it, but this year  I really wanted to do it so I colored the inside of my hard boiled eggs.

I followed the instructions basically word for word only I used the food coloring I had on hand to create the colors I was hoping for.  VERDICT:  DO AGAIN!!  My green did not mix right (too much blue) and it is hard to get perfectly pealed and cut hard boiled eggs, but I would so do this again.

Peep Cake: This one was something I have always thought about doing,but after pinning several examples I figured it was time to finally try. 

I decided to do cupcakes for serving purposes. VERDICT: Easy and cute decorating idea - with the Peeps on top my cupcake carrier smashed the tops a little but nothing awful.

Carrot Strawberries: This was something my daughter wanted to do as she is very into  making chocolate treat lately so when I saw these I figured she would have fun.
We had to search for strawberries with stems - which was funny to me but we found them and my daughter basically took over from there following the melting directions and dipping them after I dried the berries off. She even used a spoon to add some drizzle stripes.  I made a no bake cheesecake and added green food coloring for the "grass" and we put a few on top to make a carrot patch.

VERDICT: YES YES YES.  Such a fun add on to the dessert table and fun to make with my kid!!

Overall a success and such fun trying new things for our holiday fun. Thanks for stopping in to visit my little blog.  I think crafting in the kitchen is almost as much fun as in craft room!!

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  1. Everything looks yummy!!! I love going to Pinterest for baking & cooking ideas!!! I'm not sure I like the idea of coloring the inside of my eggs!! But they look awesome on the tray. I love deviled eggs. We make them every year. Delicious!!!



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