Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poison Card

Every year I make a fun Halloween card for my sorority sister who loves this holiday the most out of all of them. I try and keep it different every year, but recently she told me I have made a witch card 3 times and I laughed. This year I made sure I did not use a witch.
I love this paper from the DCWV Ghost and Goblins stack with the framed sillouettes of people getting killed (I know it sounds more morbid than it is!) but when you fold it one side is upside down so...
I added a piece of ribbon to the top and covered it with a right side up square cut out with of the same paper. A very simple solution to my problem.
I added the poison cut from Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art and was very happy to send it off to her to add more fun in her celebrating. The ribbon makes me feel like the card is a little less morbid and I feel the irnoy of that considering the paper. HA! Happy Halloween to all.


  1. great not a witch the paper...

  2. This is so cool, love that paper! Just wanted to let you know I linked your blog on today's post for the Jacob hop.... he should be arriving soon =)


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