Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Art Caddy

I am so in love with vinyl right now. After making all those glitter ornaments I also added vinyl to a few more gifts for the holidays. The first was this art-caddy I made for my niece. This year she got an easel for Christmas and I supplied all sorts of supplies including: brushes, paints, chalk, markers and crayons. I wanted her to have a bucket to put them all in, but of course I did not want it to look plain so I had to CRICUTIZE IT (this is what my daughter says about my projects)!
I used my Imagine to print color blocks (I do this when I am not sure what I will cut but know what pattern I need. The pattern and color are both from Best Friends.
Next I cut the letters and backing layers using Hello Kitty Font (still one of my favorites!) I added the word "art" and some small flowers as well to complete the look.
My niece carried the thing around a large part of the day on Christmas, putting in different toys and things. Kids always do great things to show they like something!! I am in my craft room today so hopefully I will have lots to share with you soon. My daughter had strep throat so I was giving full attention to her rest (MOVIE MARATHON!!) and now that she is better and wants to play I get to as well!


  1. That's such a cute idea! I'm glad you're daughter's feeling better. There's nothing worse than when our kids are sick.

  2. You are a very special auntie! What a wonderful gift! Glad your daughter is better! Have fun!


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