Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Makings

The very first day back in my craft room and I did not cut a single thing with my Cricut machines. I have made a great list of things that need to be cut: gift tags, vinyl for ornaments, cards, etching vinyl, etc...but today nothing got cut.
I did however finish putting glitter in the glass ornament balls I am working with. I even went a little extreme and used some empty glitter tubes to mix some colors together for some fun effects. Tomorrow, I will start cutting the vinyl decor for these.

I also started working on some cute little angels that I plan on using as part of some other gift tags, bookmarks and ornaments this season. I found this little paper clip angel on Pinterest today and had to jump on it right away. So very simple. Look back soon for more fun with both these projects.

One more wonderful thing: I have not heard from Chloe yet, so Jacob is staying on a little while longer, until I know what his travel plans will be next. I am enjoying having him in my new clean space and we have some many things to get done. He also is enjoying the extra time to bond with Marie Elise before they separate for awhile and he finishes his trip (no worries she will be joining him in Australia soon!) He will be picking the winner of our prize tomorrow night!!


  1. i love those angels!!! and the ornaments look great!

  2. Gorgeous projects. I so, so, so want to try to make some glitter-tastic ornaments!

  3. Love your Projects! I have been wanting to make some of the Glitter Ball Ornaments! Glad to hear Jacob is getting to spend a little more time with Marie Elise. Thanks for Showing us your projects. :0)

  4. Great projects! I have to get started on my glass ornaments.

    By the way, you are the winner of the Sophie Blog Hop! Please email me your snail mail addy so I can get your prize on its way.

  5. Glitter balls look awesome!!! Jacob will have to stay with you for at least two more days!!! I hate being without my computer. I move in Thursday and he can start his destination!


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