Saturday, December 3, 2011

Craft Room Makeover: Part 2

I cannot believe I haven't touched my Cricut machines in over 2 weeks, but with our holiday week in Nashville and my craft space being turned upside down to put in the new desk and than clean and rearrange everything I have not had a chance to create anything (but all the time in Pinterest is so giving me ideas).
Have to give big thanks to my hubby for putting
the desk together, moving everything around and hanging things.
Notice Jacob supervised all!
I am happy to say I now have a space I am excited to share with you and so so so happy that it is ready to allow my creative juices to flow. First the old set-up (aka: throw it wherever and try to make it look like it is organized)!
Mismatched tables and limited space
Yes this is on the floor by my feet!

Paper storage knocking my knees
My work space: TOTAL MESS

The new desk from Ikea (as pictured empty HERE ) has allowed me to have everything much more streamlined. I am able to put out all 3 of my machines, organize supplies, find things with ease, and still have a large space to work. Not to mention I can move without stepping on papers, adhesive boxes and cords. 
 I am very excited to get some things done tomorrow: my list is very long! Hopefully I will have some great things to share soon!


  1. Laura! How fun! Your room is awesome!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Isn't it fun to have some space to stretch out a little?

  3. Wow, great space--you're gonna love it!--Pat N.

  4. Awesome space. I am so desperate for a craft room makeover. I enlisted the help of my bff to give me some ideas. Kudos to your hubby for being so supportive. There must be something about us Crafty Women...we sure do know how to pick some awesome men, huh? I have came across so many women who boast about the support they get...that is so good to hear!!!

  5. OOOOOOO love a craft room make over... given me lots of ideas for my new space. Super organised! Hope Jacob was taking notes. lol. xx


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