Friday, December 2, 2011

The Final Rose

I know many of you are wanting to skip to the end of this post and find out who Jacob selected with his final rose...maybe I should have waited to post the answer until tomorrow, but I just couldn't..
Jacob had one more fun and relaxed evening with each of the ladies. First was a night of snuggling and old movies with Marie Elise. She made them a simple dinner and than they watched old films and talked deep into the evening about what their future would be like together. They discussed the possibility of Marie Elise moving her studio to Australia. In the end, Marie Elise whispered in his ear, as he was leaving that she was in love with him and hoped they would spend the rest of their lives creating together. Jacob's head was spinning with excitement as he left without being able to tell her how he was feeling.
His night with Charlotte was just as amazing. Charlotte ordered in some yummy food and what felt like a whole sweet table for them to share (the crew got the good). Then they slipped into the hot tub for some more romance. Jacob asked a few questions he still was unclear about with Charlotte: Could she leave New Orleans, had she really learned to love the outdoors,did she think she could become a crafting queen? She told him she felt so much love for him she thought she could do anything, even kiss a frog!
When Jacob woke up the next morning there was only one women on his mind. He knew who he wanted to share is scrapping tools with forever. He decided to dress the way he was for the final ceremony, but wear his crafty bling. When he saw here enter the craft room he was sure he had made the right choice.
He told Charlotte that he admired and adored her wit and adventurous nature. He wanted her to know she was unbelievably sexy...But his heart was with Marie Elise. Clippy walked her out and was a great comfort. She knows she will meet the right guy someday.
Jacob held his breathe as Marie Elise walked towards him wearing the dress she had been working on in Paris. She was already a creative wonder and wanted to spend her life creating beautiful things. He told her this and than told her, he wanted to create beautiful things with her as well. he was in love. With that he asked her if she would except the final rose...
and she did!!!

Jacob put his Cricut bling on her neck and swooped her into his arms (just like an Xyron). They giggled and crafted the rest of the night away. Oh yeah, what did Barbi F. whisper..."You better study French because it is clear who you have fallen for." Jacob knew when she said that it showed all over his face.

Post a comment about what you think this pair should create first now that they are a couple for your chance to win your choice of Graphically Speaking or Opposites Attract. The winner will be announced Sunday, Jacob's last day with me. (For US or Aussie winners or those outside of the US willing to pay shipping).


  1. I think they should make party invites to celebrate.

  2. I think they should make engagement announcements

  3. Yeah! My girl won! I knew they made such a cute couple! I agree with Girlia; they should make their engagement announcements now so they can then start designing their wedding invitations!--Pat N.

  4. HMMMMMM - since we are upon the Christmas season here I think they should get crackin on some Christmas engagement announcements! Thanks for keeping us guessing.

  5. Bittersweet that it is all over. I think they should do a few scrapbook layouts of their experience together during the entire Bachelor - Hot Scrap Assistant phenom!!!

  6. I knew he would pick her, it's who I chose too.

    They should create the new Australian house they are gonna live in!

    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  7. So fun! I think they should create a "Our First Christmas" Ornament!

  8. Whoo Hoo! He picked Marie Elise. My choice from the start. Oh, They are going to have a wonderful life Crafting together. I think they should make some Scrapbook Layouts of their times together. :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

  9. yay marie elise!!! i agree they should make an ornament:)

  10. I knew it I knew it I KNEW IT!!! After that hot night of crafting together, and him inking a heart on her hand...I KNEW it!

    I think they should start creating little plastic babies together! Hahaha! Or maybe wedding invites first!

    L.B....this has been SO much fun! Thank you for all your hard work just for our entertainment!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  11. Aww... good for Jacob and Marie Elise! Of course they should create babies! Haha! Maybe they should make wedding invites first though... :)

  12. How super exciting!!!!!! Marie Elise will have to come visit us in Aussie... She wouldn't like the flies but she will love hanging out with Jacob!

  13. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job of your fun with Jacob. It has been fantastic! xx


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