Friday, September 9, 2011

Drama Club Board

This week was my school's Back to School Night and Activity Fair. As I posted before I am one of the cheerleading coaches and director of the school musicals and plays. I shared the new Cheerleading board I made and wanted to share the Drama one as well.
I had this board all done (been using it for about 3 years, but when I got it home to fix it and update the photos I decided I no longer liked it and redid the whole thing (stayed up till midnight to do so)
First I cut out my letters using the Hannah Montana cartridge. I cut them pretty big, but used my Gypsy to smash them a bit for a wider look. After the letters I backed a few photos and once again made some mats for the information. Love how the paper clips hold the info so I can change it easily. The fun clear paper was recycled from the old board (I wish I knew where I got it). I love how it lays over the photos on a solid color background.
Finally, I wanted to add something at the top other than drama masks (I use those so often so needed a change). I remembered my Twinkle Toes Lite Cartridge had a great spotlight and pulled the cart up on my Gypsy to use, but saw the cut for the stage and changed my mind. I made the curtain part only and pasted them on top of two fun photos from last year's play. I added the top layer of curtain using glue dots so it would stick out. My booths were a big ht and attracted a lot of traffic! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. It turned out so great! Love the font you used.

  2. Excellent poster!


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