Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Laminate Craft Room Sign

Now that I finally used my YourStory machine I want to laminate things all the time. The other day I was putting things in my craft space away and found the Word Collage I made about Scrapbooking and knew I should try it out on that.
It was so easy to do and it look great hanging up on my wall in my room now. You turn the YourStory on, allow it to heat and when it is ready slowly push it through...awesome and quick and that is all. I am super happy I stocked up on the laminating pouches when they were on sale a while back, cause now I want to laminate everything (HA!) The sign is now hanging on my wall above my Expression and E2.

I added another wonderful sign I bought at one of my favorites stores awhile back and had not hung up yet. It was made by Charla at Name Portraits. My family has bought so many of name portraits for different reasons, but the store we used to buy them at is now closed, but I had the web address so i am sharing it. I do not know what to say except I love this sign. If you can't see in the photo it reads:

"Fond memory brings the light of other days around me. Scrapbooking preserves those days forever in picture, art and word."


  1. perfect addition to any craftroom looks great!

  2. I think you are addicted to laminating! LOL!! Great signs!

  3. Love that your sign matches your cricut! Such a pretty cricut you have!


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